Let’s know the reasons for some women’s reluctance to have sex

Sexual needs are one of the natural needs of people that God has placed in the existence of every human being so that in the joint life of a man and a woman, they can have peace with each other from the mental and psychological points of view. For this reason, there is reluctance to have sex in married life. It can be a worrying issue. In this situation, a person may have sexual disorders. In this article, we are going to discuss some reasons and some solutions for women’s reluctance to have sex.

Women’s sexuality naturally fluctuates throughout their lives. It increases and decreases with the beginning or end of a relationship or major life changes such as pregnancy, menopause or illness. Some anti-depressants also decrease women’s sexual desire.

If you have a low desire for sex that causes you worry and discomfort, you may have sexual disorders.

If you are bothered by your lack of sex drive, make lifestyle changes to get your sex life back to normal.

Symptoms: If you are less interested in having sex than your spouse, and none of you are very different from your peers in this regard, psychological conditions such as anxiety or depression may have caused such behavior.

Of course, there is no specific definition for low sexual desire. Because it is different from woman to woman.

When should you see a doctor?

If you and your partner are suffering from low sexual desire, see your doctor. It may be as simple as changing your antidepressants.

A woman’s desire for sex has a complex interrelationship with many factors. which includes physiological, physical and emotional causes and experiences, beliefs, lifestyle and current relationship. If you have problems in any of these aspects, it can affect your sexuality.

Physiological causes

Sexual issues: If you are in pain during intercourse or cannot be satisfied, this issue can cause your desire to have sex to decrease.

Medical diseases: cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, neurological diseases and diseases related to the heart and blood vessels will reduce your desire to have sex.

Alcohol: A lot of alcohol causes loss and destruction of sexual desire.

Surgery: Any type of surgery on your breast or other parts of your body may decrease your desire to have sex.

Excessive fatigue: taking care of elderly parents or small children can also lead to a decrease in your sexual desire.

Hormonal changes:

Menopause: Decreased estrogen levels during menopause lead to decreased sexual desire. Of course, during menopause, women may also experience an increase in testosterone, which, as you know, increases sexual desire in both men and women.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Hormonal changes during pregnancy, right after having a baby and during breastfeeding can cause changes in sexual desire. Fatigue, changes in your self-image, the pressure of caring for a child all have an impact on sexuality.

Psychological reasons:

Many psychological reasons also lead to a decrease in sexual desire, such as:

Mental health issues, such as stress or depression

Stress such as work or financial stress

Image of physical weakness

Experiencing physical or sexual abuse

Having problems in a relationship can also lead to a decrease in desire for sex in women

Lack of relationship with your spouse

Unresolved discussions

Lack of trust in spouse

Home treatment

The right lifestyle can make a lot of changes in your relationship.

Exercise: Regular aerobics can increase your strength, improve your self-image, improve your mood, increase your sex drive.

Reduce stress: Find a way to deal with work stress.

Establish a relationship with your partner: Being honest with your partner and improving the relationship can lead to better sex and solve the problem of your reluctance to have sex.

Set aside times to be alone with your spouse: This will help improve your relationship and solve your problem.

Vary the situations of your sexual relations: Changing the time, place and position can help you.

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