Let’s know the signs of female satisfaction

Orgasm in women is a state that gives her mental peace. Orgasm means the peak of sexual pleasure. When a woman reaches orgasm during intercourse, signs and symptoms appear in her body. These symptoms are both physical and mental. You can predict the time of your wife’s orgasm by considering these symptoms.

Some symptoms of orgasm in women:

1. The nipples become hard, rapid breathing may indicate that the woman must be satisfied. 2. She becomes emotional. Sometimes a woman’s orgasm causes such a wave of emotions in her that she starts to cry. 3. They fall asleep. Of course, most people think that this condition is more visible in men, but in reality it is not so. Remember if your woman falls asleep after having sex and turns her back to you, it is disrespectful. Don’t think that this is a good sign that it is satisfied.

4. The need for an intimate hug: After reaching orgasm, they want you to hug them tightly, this gives them a good feeling and is useful as a termination.

5. He can’t walk: After reaching orgasm, he is unable to walk due to shaking of his legs. Shaking of his legs and body means that you as a man have done your duty well.

6. Can’t stop talking about it: If a woman can’t stop talking about sex with you after finishing work, or if she sometimes repeats the words during sex, this is a good sign.

7. Smile of satisfaction: You know what I’m talking about when your woman smiles for a while based on the good feeling they have towards you after having sex and reaching orgasm.

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