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Everywhere in the discussion of religious books and the Quran, marriage is emphasized that marriage is a very desirable and good thing, but there are conditions that must be prepared for the tendency to get married, and nowadays, because people’s knowledge and awareness are at a high level, marriage is taken seriously, for example In the old days, maybe 5% had university education, while now this figure has reached maybe 90%, and people think that university is a stage of education that should be left behind.

Marriage is a blessed and auspicious affair. Much has been said and written about its importance. We do not wish to repeat them here. We only consider it necessary to mention some abstracts for the patience of dear readers.

1- Suitable age for marriage: As we know, the sexual maturity of men and women is the first necessary condition for marriage. In girls, this maturity occurs between the ages of 10 and 12, depending on the race and climatic and nutritional conditions. In fact, sexual maturity is the beginning of a new era. It is in the body and soul, which results in changes in the physiology and sexual organs of the girl. The beginning of ovulation and menstruation, breast enlargement, hair growth in some parts of the body such as armpits, around the penis, legs, etc. Finally, it leads to the beginning of some kind of attraction to the opposite sex.

In boys, this change occurs between the ages of 13 and 15, depending on race and climatic and nutritional conditions, and here it also results in physical and psychological changes. After boys mature, their erection strength and intensity are complete. And they enter the stage of sperm production, which comes out along with the semen. In addition, other changes in boys, such as the growth of excessive hair, change in tone of voice, and orientation towards the opposite sex, promise to enter this period.

In the olden days, for various reasons, the age of marriage was often close to the age of puberty for boys and girls.

But gradually, with the increase in the level of knowledge and awareness of the people and severe social changes, the age of marriage also changed dramatically.

Today, health and social authorities recommend that the appropriate age for marriage is 18 years and above for girls and 24 years and above for boys. Many factors are involved in this issue. Of course, this issue also has exceptions.

2- Performing genetic counseling: Boys and girls who decide to get married are advised to do genetic counseling before doing anything.

we know that:

One of the main goals of marriage is procreation, and it is obvious that every parent wishes to have healthy children.

And the other is that the influence of hereditary and genetic factors in the occurrence of deficiencies in children has been proven.

3- Vaccination and necessary tests: It is recommended for young couples to vaccinate themselves against a series of diseases such as hepatitis before starting sexual and marital acts. They should also perform the necessary tests related to the identification and prevention of infectious diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS.

4- Gestational age: Considering that girls’ bodies are growing up to the age of 18 and their bones are changing, according to experts, the best age for pregnancy is defined as 20 to 30 years. But basically, women can conceive from 18 to 35 age, have a low-risk pregnancy.

5- Maintaining oral and dental hygiene and genitals is very important for couples.If the mouth of one of the couple has problems such as bad smell, gum disease, microbial contamination, etc., this will harm the quality of their life together. . In this case, fungal infections, gonorrhea and syphilis can be mentioned.

Especially men should pay attention to the fact that the female penis is very sensitive to diseases because it is an almost internal organ. Men should always be sure of the cleanliness of their hands and penis. Go to the bathroom after defecating and urinating, make sure your hands are clean. Let go of the old idea that you should only wash your hands after defecating.

In general, young people are advised to listen to the voice of reason more in the matter of marriage. They should not let the storm of emotions distract them from observing the necessary precautions. It is better that they at least do a series of necessary tests before deepening their emotions and feelings. Necessary, such as addiction, blood and viral infections such as AIDS and hepatitis, and if there is no problem in these areas, they can proceed to the next stages of life together.

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