Let’s learn the strongest and best moisturizer in lotion form

A homemade lotion jar decorated with raffia fibers makes an inexpensive yet stylish gift. You might be surprised to find out how easy it is to make a strong, deep moisturizing lotion at home. Some necessary materials For this purpose, they are found in the kitchen and the rest can be obtained from an organic food store. You can make the lotion as you like with different essential oils such as lavender for relaxation or mint for energy. When you pack it,

1- Necessary materials and tools
– Two pots that can be placed on top of each other (to create bain-marie heat)
– 017 grams of liquid oil (olive, almond, jojoba)
– 85 grams of solid oil (coconut oil, cocoa butter or pen tree oil butter)

2-Heat some water on medium heat in one of the pots. In the second pot, which you placed on top of the first pot, mix liquid and solid oils with grated wax. Stir the ingredients until they are all melted and combined. Make sure the water doesn’t come into contact with the top pot or your mixture will overheat.

3- Remove the upper pot and let its contents cool and reach about body temperature. Stir it regularly until it is smooth and uniform. Use a thermometer to see when it is between 95 and 100 degrees.

4- until the mixture of oils cools down, heat the distilled water until it reaches body temperature.

5-Pour warm distilled water in a bowl, then use a blender and stir while slowly pouring the mixture of oils into the distilled water. After mixing for a few minutes, the water and oil should become stable and the mixture should look like a lotion. If they appear to be lumpy, put the pot back on the pot of water to warm it up a few degrees and continue mixing.

6- After the mixture looks like a lotion, add the essential oil you want to it. Add a few drops at a time and stir until it is as fragrant as you want.

7- Pour the lotion in a clean container and keep it in a cool and dark place.

Tips and Warnings

Instead of grated wax, you can use wax pellets to make your final product thicker.
After bathing, use lotion with lavender, chamomile and sandalwood essential oils – which are relaxing.
Make sure the blender and containers are thoroughly cleaned before you use them for food!


December 19, 2012 21:29

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