Let’s review the reduction of menstrual pain together

Menstrual cramps (menstruation) in women is one of the most common complaints during this period. Changes in mood and tiredness during menstruation are sometimes very severe and annoying. Although among the treatments to reduce pain During menstruation, you can take painkillers, birth control pills and antidepressants, which many women happen to take to reduce menstrual pain, but this article only refers to the non-pharmacological advice of Dr. Mao, a famous Chinese doctor.

1. Eat more fatty acids:

Numerous studies have shown that consuming these fatty acids, which are mainly found in foods such as fish, nuts such as walnuts, almonds or seeds such as sesame, can reduce menstrual cramps.

2. Foods you should eat a week before your period:

One week before the start of the period, it is better to use spinach (you can steam it and eat it with yogurt, which is also very tasty), raspberries and walnuts. Also use more saffron, fennel, tarragon, leeks, shallots, black pepper, cinnamon and orange peel when cooking.

3- Drink special brews:

To reduce pain during menstruation, you can use special infusions. Chamomile infusions, valerian and borage, raspberry and rosehip are very effective in reducing menstrual pain and creating relaxation. You can prepare each of these brews separately and consume it as you wish during your period. It should be noted that these herbal infusions are in fact the treasures of Eastern medical science that have been inherited from us and you can benefit a lot by consuming them instead.

4- Take magnesium supplement:

Some women experience premenstrual pain due to low blood magnesium. Therefore, it is recommended that you start taking 500 mg of magnesium plus 50 mg of vitamin B6 daily one week before your period, which is very useful in reducing abdominal pain and cramps (under the supervision of a doctor).

Make a list of allergenic foods for yourself:

By now, you must have noticed that a week before your period, you become sensitive and react to certain foods, which sometimes aggravate your discomfort during your period. Therefore, we recommend that you prepare a list of these foods and avoid consuming them in later periods.

6- Do not neglect sports and mental exercises:

Unlike in the past when it was recommended to rest, in Chinese medicine it is recommended to do moderate and moderate physical and mental exercises (such as tai chi exercises, yoga) that will help you to be more relaxed and balanced.

7. Limit salt and caffeine consumption:

You may have a strong desire to eat these substances, but you should know that consuming these substances during menstruation are very effective in aggravating your problems, and if you really can not resist them, at least moderate and a little of them.

8- Take a deep breath:

When you are very upset and anxious, take five deep breaths in and out through your nose. You will find that it is very effective in relieving your pain and symptoms.


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