Lice, a small but troublesome insect

Lice are very small insects that can appear on the head of any person and cause trouble to the person. Lice can multiply on the head, side of the hair or on the skin of the body. It is more common than other parts of the body. So we need to know the necessary and effective ways to prevent this uninvited little guest.

Extremely contagious lice and the transmission of insects from one body to another can lead to widespread epidemics, especially in crowded places such as schools or kindergartens, and many children become infected with lice.

According to studies by biologists and lice doctors, the human body has been used as a host for spawning for millions of years, and early humans were heavily involved with lice until clothing was gradually invented. The human body and skin were protected.

There are lice in the air and they can easily sit on your hair, also contact with the hair of an infected person can quickly infect a healthy person with lice.

Lice eggs are called lice and are usually found in the hair shaft and close to the hair roots and do not separate easily and gradually turn into lice.

Lice feed on the blood of the capillaries of the scalp and increase their number and can cause itching and inflammation in the scalp. Lice are also a serious and very dangerous factor for the spread of infectious diseases such as typhoid throughout the century. Have been.

Fortunately, today there are extremely strong and effective treatments to combat lice and they will be eradicated quickly.

At the same time, lice do not cause the production of antibodies in the body, and for this reason, it is possible for a person to be infected with lice mosquitoes many times during his life.

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