Lichen planus disease is difficult but controllable

But the plan or the so-called moss disease of the skin can actually be said to be very difficult to treat, but should not be disappointed, and in fact with patience and hope and coping with this disease can be controlled

. Lichen planus is most common in people who are usually older. However, it can be said that lichen planus disease can occur in any person of any age and gender. Please refer to the following for further reading.

You are in a better position than patients who have annoying or itchy illnesses and need to carry and manage them throughout their lives. Your illness may improve forever and not recur. Although due to the nature of lichen planus it is not possible to give a definite opinion on this issue (because this disease is autoimmune and for reasons we do not know the body attacks the cells of mucous membranes, skin, hair and nails and considers them alien) but can follow some tips to Faster harvest recovery:

1- Due to the prominent role of stress in the development and exacerbation of lichen planus, if you can learn stress management techniques and apply them in your life, you will be able to make the conditions unfavorable for lichen planus. Note that if your personality type and the characteristics you have make you anxious and tense, do not change yourself because of escaping from the lichen plan, but because of escaping the susceptibility to various diseases.

We always advise patients who come in for a variety of skin conditions, whether acne or other problems, to practice positivity and relaxation. I urge people with lichen planus with scalp involvement who have sparse hair loss in the area to stay calm.

In the first step, we prevent hair loss with medication. Although the possibility of hair loss returning to this state is low, but in the next step, if there is no improvement, we think about hair transplantation. The disease process can not be stopped, but it can be controlled, and the precondition for the success of the treatments we prescribe is calmness and avoidance of stress.

2- Although we do not have nutritional recommendations for patients, but we pay attention to their diet in order to improve them faster and strengthen their immune system. Especially in oral lichen planus, the consumption of spicy foods, coffee, soft drinks and crunchy foods such as chips is prohibited.

3- For the treatment of itchy and inflamed lesions, we use topical and injectable steroids, and if it is more severe, we take oral steroids. For itchy and inflamed lesions, we use foods and supplements that have anti-inflammatory properties, such as omega-3s, which will be effective along with appropriate itching medications such as antihistamines.


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