Limitation of marital relationship with blood pressure disorders

Did you know that blood pressure and its related disorders can have negative effects on your sexual relationship? It is better to be more careful in controlling your blood pressure level and prevent its effects on your reproductive system.

With the prevalence of obesity and today’s modern life, the number of people with high blood pressure is increasing, and the age of developing high blood pressure has reached below thirty years. Blood pressure or the silent killer affects all the organs of the body and causes them to fail and causes blood vessels in the brain and heart to clog.

In addition, blood pressure narrows all the vessels of the penis and blood supply to these vessels becomes difficult, and men and women cannot experience a healthy marital relationship. Due to the lowering of the age of blood pressure, there is a serious threat to married life. Of course, blood pressure drugs also reduce sexual power. So what should be done to maintain marital relations?

In this context, Dr. Atusa Mostafavi, a cardiologist, answers:

What effect does high or low blood pressure have on marital relations?
Low blood pressure has no effect on marital relations, but high blood pressure causes narrowing of the heart and penis vessels and causes a person to face erection disorders. Of course, it can solve the problem of vaginal dryness with lubricating gels.

The effect of blood pressure on the sexual ability of different people is different, and sexual disorders do not have a specific timing. Many people experience problems and sexual disorders very quickly after contracting high blood pressure, and some a few years after contracting it.

Is sex dangerous for patients with high blood pressure?
At the time of sexual intercourse, the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated and the blood pressure rises slightly. This does not mean that having sex is dangerous for people with high blood pressure unless the blood pressure is not controlled and becomes very high. But patients with controlled blood pressure do not have restrictions on having sex.

Do blood pressure medications improve impotence?
All blood pressure drugs do not affect sexual ability and only beta blockers and diuretics will have an effect. Diuretic drugs reduce the volume of fluid in the blood and, consequently, reduce blood supply to the penis.

Use these medicines if you really need them because people with high blood pressure also have heart disease and have to use these medicines. If you have sexual problems by taking blood pressure pills, you can take sexual enhancement drugs under the supervision of a doctor, but if you only have blood pressure disease, there is no need to take these drugs.

Is taking sexual enhancement drugs dangerous for people with high blood pressure?
The simultaneous use of sexual enhancement drugs such as Viagra with blood pressure drugs does not cause interference, but patients who suffer from heart disease in addition to blood pressure should know that the simultaneous use of libido enhancing drugs with heart drugs containing nitrates can cause a fatal drop in blood pressure. will be Be sure to take blood pressure drugs and sexual enhancers with an interval of 48 hours.

Which heart problems besides blood pressure are associated with impotence complications?
Most of the heart diseases, such as muscle weakness and blockage of heart vessels, etc. affect sexual ability. Of course, most cardiac drugs have a destructive effect on sexual ability. Many people become depressed after knowing about their disease and depression reduces their sexual ability. So, by treating depression, sexual problems will be solved to some extent.

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