Lipomatic is a way to lose weight

Lipomatic What are the complications of lipomatosis and also what are the advantages of this method over the previous methods? Most questions in Lipomatic Focus on these questions. Lipomatic In fact, it is an advanced suction device for draining localized fat under the skin. The technology used in this tool is so precise and extraordinary that it is completely from Liposuction It makes a difference. Also the superiority of this device over Laser lipolysis It is obvious to the surgeon both during the operation and in the results of the operation.

What is Lipomatic?

Lipomatic Using infrasonic waves and vibration and constant oscillation around the axis (Nutation), it separates the fat cells from their junctions and without destroying the fat cells, removes the adipose tissue cells safely from under the skin by surgery. Suction comes out. For this reason, the fat cells removed by this technique can be used again as a filler to bulk up the cheeks and face or other organs. It should be noted that this fat is much more durable and less swollen after injection as a filler and is much healthier than the fat extracted by suction for bulking (Intact).

How the lipomatic device works

Device Lipomatic Includes a compressor that transmits compressed air to a rod called a cannula. The cannula vibrates continuously and moves very fast under the skin in three dimensions to create very rapid vibrations that eventually lead to The fat cells break down and drain them. To remove the fat, the surgeon inserts the cannula into the adipose tissue through a very thin hole 3 mm in diameter. The cannula creates infrasonic waves and destroys the accumulated fat cells. Under the skin, they can be easily removed from the body, but as mentioned, doing this method will not cause any damage to your muscle tissue, arteries and nerves.

Eventually the emulsified (loose) fat is transferred out of the body and pulled. before Lipomatic surgery Anesthesia is injected into the adipose tissue of the skin, which reduces the pain in the area where the fat is drained so that you do not feel the slightest pain during the surgery, although in this method a smaller amount of B-drug is used. Sensory is used for relief compared to other slimming methods.

Lipomatic device With the help of wind and vibration (very fast movements) it eats fats and pulls them out. In this method, there will be no fat burning operation and the fats are removed completely healthy and alive, so these fats can be used for injection in other areas as well.


Advantages of Lipomatic over other methods

1- Uniformity of the fat layer under the skin Lipomatic It is excellent and there are no fat residues that can be felt under the skin in other methods of suction in this method.
2- The need to close the gin in this method for the patient is two weeks, which is much shorter compared to traditional suction (6 months) and laser lipolysis (2-4 months). At the same time, closing the gauze for 30-40 days is recommended for better shrinkage of the skin.
3- Shrinkage of the skin in this method is much better than other methods of suction due to less damage to the skin trabeculae.
4- In this method, local anesthesia is enough and the patient is not in pain, while in other methods of suction, if it is done with local anesthesia, the patient usually feels discomfort and pain and usually needs sedatives and hypnotics and even mild anesthesia.
5 – Swelling and discharge after surgery in this method is much less and the discharge from the suction site eventually lasts 36 hours, while in other methods of suction is longer.
6- Risk of infection Lipomatic It is very low.
7- The possibility of fat embolism is very low compared to other methods of suction and has not been reported so far.
8- Lipomatic No hospitalization is required and the patient can return to work immediately after surgery.
9- Fatigue and bruising after surgery are much less than other methods of suction.
10- Although the skin shrinks Lipomatic It is much better than other methods, but in cases where the looseness and sagging of the skin is high, surgery will be needed. However surgery after Lipomatic Compared to patients with Lipomatic Their fat is not drained, the operation will be more limited with a smaller incision, and in many cases abdominoplasty, which requires removal of the umbilicus and replacement of the umbilical cord, after surgery. Lipomatic The umbilicus can be kept in place and the sagging skin under the abdomen can be removed with a more limited incision.


Candidate of Lipomatic Surgery

– People who do not have the ability to exercise.

– People who suffer from localized obesity.

– People whose obesity problems are in one area.

People who do not have fat accumulation in their body.

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