Lose weight by eating slowly

Try not to eat in a hurry and chew your food well. The best way to lose weight is to eat slowly. This way, your appetite will gradually decrease.

Researchers have found that eating slowly can help you lose weight.

Researchers also urge you to avoid eating anything for two hours before going to bed.
This study links these simple changes to reduced waist size and reduced rates of obesity and overweight.

Researchers at Kyushu University in Japan say that people who eat fast food are 29 percent less likely to be obese than people who eat fast. But people who eat their food much more slowly are more than 42 percent less likely to be obese.

In addition, people who eat slowly are healthier and have a healthier lifestyle.
According to researchers, eating slowly plays a very good role in reducing appetite and thus preventing obesity.
In the study, the research team reviewed data from about 60,000 Japanese people with diabetes who were regularly screened between 2008 and 2013.


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