Lose weight fast with balsamic vinegar

The properties of different types of vinegar are not hidden from any person. One of the types of vinegar is balsamic vinegar, which, if used industrially, does not have a natural manufacturing process. But balsamic vinegar, which is traditionally Made to have many healing properties.

Haidar Azmaei, a researcher in traditional medicine, stated: Each 100 grams of balsamic vinegar contains 17 grams of carbohydrates, 27 mg of calcium, 7.0 mg of iron, 12 mg of phosphorus, 23 mg of sodium, and the maximum amount consumed per day is 3 tablespoons with olive oil. With salad.

Haidar Azmaei, a researcher in traditional medicine, said: “Using balsamic vinegar in people with diabetes causes better absorption of insulin and prevents the progression of sugar in these people.”

Azmaei stated: Balsamic vinegar has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties and as a strong detoxifier and strengthens the body’s immune system against various diseases.

He added: “Consumption of balsamic vinegar causes gastric acid secretion and digestion and helps to better absorb protein.” It is also anti-cellulite vinegar and is very useful in cardiovascular patients.

“Using balsamic vinegar helps reduce harmful fats such as triglycerides and cholesterol and eliminate fatty liver,” said the traditional medicine researcher.

It also reduces appetite and is good for burning fat.

Azmaei reminded: The use of balsamic vinegar is very useful in people who have a decrease in stomach acid and causes better absorption of food, calcium and iron. It is also not recommended for people with high stomach acid and ulcers and gastric reflux.

Source: Journalists Club

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