Loss of quality and lack of sexual satisfaction on both sides

What factors can affect different people’s sexual motivation and reduce their sexual desire? What useful methods can we use to prevent this and help improve the quality of our spouse’s sexual relations? In a sexual relationship, both parties’ satisfaction must be considered.

Have you ever felt in your life together that you no longer enjoy sex and enjoy your relationships the way you should? You probably related this problem to your tiredness and busyness at the beginning, but again, you got such a feeling when you didn’t even feel tired! It is not bad to know that according to Dr. Gholamhossein Quaidi, a sexual psychiatrist, all kinds of medical problems and diseases can cause sexual dysfunction.

Pointing out that there are many reasons that can make a person not enjoy their sexual relations, this psychiatrist explained: “Mainly, these reasons are divided into several categories. The first category is medical reasons; Therefore, the existence of any kind of medical problem may make a person not only not enjoy his sex, but even cause a person to lose his sexual desire.

Emphasizing that various studies have shown that a variety of medical problems and diseases cause a person’s sexual dysfunction, Qaidi continued: “Suffering from a variety of diseases, even a cold, may cause sexual dysfunction and a person loses the desire to have sex. hand and cannot have enjoyable and successful sexual activity, and for these reasons, his sex life is not pleasurable.”

He pointed to another effective factor in reducing the pleasure of sexual relations and said: “Psychiatric reasons are the second factor that may make a person not enjoy having sex with his wife. In fact, not being mentally and psychologically prepared to have sex can affect sexual performance and ultimately sexual pleasure, in addition, the existence of psychiatric problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc. also affects a person’s desire and sexual performance.

He further added: “Usually, mental and psychological preparation plays an important role in an enjoyable and successful sexual relationship along with physical preparation. It is natural that a person’s mental disturbances, stress and nervous and mood problems cause a person to focus instead on enjoying sex. The relationship should be focused on his own performance, and this issue would lead to the creation of performance anxiety, and as a result, he would not have a pleasurable sexual relationship between him and his wife.

The associate professor of Shahid University and member of the family and sexual health research group pointed out the role of environmental factors in reducing sexual pleasure and explained: “The third reason is environmental conditions. Environmental conditions include the time and place conditions in which the couple’s sexual relationship takes place. The lack of feeling of security due to being in a place where one does not feel comfortable, as well as the lack of necessary and appropriate facilities and the presence of disturbing environmental factors, etc., can all affect a person’s sexual performance and, directly or indirectly, on sex and enjoyment. be effective from it. For example, having sex in an environment where a person has worries and worries, such as worrying about taking care of children or worrying about the presence of other people in the house, etc., or even being in inappropriate conditions such as the presence of light, cold and heat, etc., can all affect sexual performance. and affect the enjoyment of the relationship and cause the couple to not enjoy the relationship as they should.

In response to the question whether the interpersonal relations of the couple can play a role in the formation of this problem, Qaidi said: “The interpersonal relations of the couple is another factor that plays a role in the formation of this problem. In fact, the type of relationship between a person and his wife, the degree of intimacy and affection in sexual relations, the physical, mental and psychological conditions of his wife and the interactions of couples are among the factors that are included in this group and play an important role in enjoying sex. Several studies have shown that the sexual relationship of couples who have marital conflicts, emotional problems and injuries, and emotionally damaged relationships, is not enjoyable and successful, and is mainly considered a mechanical relationship. In such relationships, the enjoyment of sex does not happen, and even couples may not have any desire to have sex. In addition, apart from interpersonal conflicts, the lack of mental and physical fitness of the spouse also has a negative effect on the sexual relationship and makes the couple not enjoy the relationship.

The member of the family and sexual health research group finally emphasized that all the mentioned factors can have a direct or indirect effect on a person’s sexual performance and his level of satisfaction with his sexual life, and noted: “However, the lack of pleasure in sexual intercourse There may be other reasons that will be determined through evaluation and expert reviews. Therefore, couples who feel that they do not enjoy sex with their spouses, it is recommended to visit the relevant specialist for the necessary investigations.

16 December 2014 20:50

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