Loss of vision due to hair color

By dyeing her hair, this lady recited the Fateha of her eyesight and caused the loss of her eyesight. Unfortunately, the intense sensitivity of her eyes to the hair dye substances caused this.

Many people in different parts of the world use hair dye to fight aging, diversity or increase beauty, and do not even think that the same hair dye can take their eyes off them.

A girl noticed many changes in her face and eyes some time after dyeing her hair. Little by little, his eyes and face swelled so that he could no longer breathe or speak. When he saw the doctor, the source of the problem was not found and he got a little better with medication.

Three months later, when he wanted to dye his hair again, he used a different brand of hair dye, but suddenly he lost his sight and could not see clearly, so he was taken to the hospital. After several tests, doctors determined that he was allergic to paraphenylenediamine, a substance in hair dye.

After continuous treatment, she could not regain her full vision, and now she is a staunch opponent of the sale of dangerous cosmetic products and advises all women to stay natural and not play with their health instead of dyeing their hair.

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