Lumbar disc is the most common spine disorder in Iran

Back pain is a common and common discomfort in many people, but in some with less or more intensity and weakness.A neurologist The definitive ways to treat lumbar disc and various methods of its improvement will be explained below

A neurologist stated that lumbar disc is more common in men than women and said: 30% of the cause of back pain is caused by lumbar discs, which require surgical treatment if they do not respond to medical and surgical treatments.

Dr. Dariush Rouhi stated that 80% of people in the world experience back pain in their lives, and said: 30% of these back pains are caused by lumbar discs, among which 30% require surgery and 70% are treated with maintenance treatments.

He added: The method of maintenance treatments such as medical treatments, physiotherapy, teaching the patient to observe spine health and sometimes changing the lifestyle, occupation and using auxiliary methods such as exercise and swimming pool which strengthen the muscles next to the vertebra, lead to the patient’s recovery.

This neurologist stated: Patients who have unbearable pain, people who are facing progressive neurological symptoms such as urinary and sexual disorders, or progressive leg weakness, as well as patients who do not respond to medical and maintenance treatments, need surgery. They have surgery.

Endoscopic method is the best type of lumbar disc surgery
Rouhi divided lumbar disc surgery methods into several categories and said: traditional and common lumbar disc surgery method as an open operation, microsurgery method with small incisions and the use of a microscope, minimally invasive methods such as the use of chemicals to shrink the core Central disk (chemonucleolysis) and plasma therapy are among them, but the endoscopic method is more important and effective.

He pointed out: 30% of patients, in spite of all these treatment methods and even after surgery, have lumbar disc recurrence, at the same level of operation or at other levels, and 15% of these people need reoperation, which should be done after the operation. Continue to observe the preservation methods.

50% of the cause of lumbar discs is genetic
Regarding the cause of lumbar discs, this neurologist said: 50% of the cause of lumbar discs is genetic, and the other 50% is due to the lack of spine health, such as moving heavy equipment, unnatural rotations, and heavy jobs.

Emphasizing that clinical symptoms and imaging methods are ways to diagnose lumbar disc, Rouhi added: Today, MRI has replaced other methods as one of the lumbar disc diagnosis methods, and the use of electrophysiology of the sciatic nerve is also helpful.

Rouhi considered surgery as the definitive cure for lumbar disc and said: to prevent lumbar disc, weight control, proper stretching exercises, swimming, proper nutrition, consumption of dairy products, especially milk, proper sleeping method, and proper footwear covering the pelvic girdle and muscles should be done. It helps to pay attention to the side of the bead.

In the end, he reminded: patients should see specialist doctors as soon as possible if symptoms appear in order to prevent the progress of the lumbar disc.

June 25, 2013 17:05

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