Make a flower with 8 knots on your hair

In this beauty section of the Dr. Salam site, we have put a hair tutorial for you, which you will learn in the form of a picture that makes a very beautiful head flower from the hair, which is ideal for spring and summer.


first step: Apply some mousse to your slightly damp or dry hair and blow dry it, then curl it with a large curling iron. You don’t have to be very precise because this just helps the knot stay in place and look nice. After this, comb the curls with your fingers to make it look more natural.


Second step: Separate two one-inch sections from one side of the hair, one in the front and one in the back. To be able to work more easily, close each part with two small rubber bands. Now give the back part a screw in the form of a loop.


The third step: Pass the front part under the back screw and twist the end as you pass it through the loop. You may have to practice this several times.


Fourth step: Pull the ends of both ends together to make the knot tight, then slowly remove the elastics and apply a fixing spray on it to make it stay in place for a longer time.



25 May 1394 12:51

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