Make magic with concealer!

Did you know that by using concealer, you can cover all kinds of flaws on your face and don’t worry about the flaws and defects in it, such as pimples, scars, blemishes, and all kinds of spots, and create a smooth and clear skin for yourself!

For most of us, concealer is a tool to cover the darkness under the eyes, but if you learn the right way to work with concealer, you can use it to cover all facial flaws such as scars. Sara Eminian, a makeup expert, on this page will help you to know what the various uses of concealer are and how it helps you for a perfect makeup.

What are the features of under eye concealer?

The under eye concealer should be one or two shades lighter than the cream powder color you are using. Since the skin under the eyes is very delicate and thin, the blue veins under it easily change the skin color of this part. A light concealer with a yellow tone can easily cover the blue color of these veins and make the skin look even. Of course, shell concealer is a more suitable color for very fair skin.

If the darkness under the eyes is excessive…

If the blackness and bruises under the eyes are excessive, a normal concealer cannot help much. In these cases, we recommend going for peach and pink correctors so that you can completely cover the colors under the eyes. In the next step, go for a concealer with a yellow tone so that you can cover the previous corrector and brighten up the under-eye area.

Cover the scar with yellow concealer

There are various concealers and coverings in the market, each of which has a specific function according to its ingredients; For example, the concealer that is used to cover dark circles under the eyes is not suitable for covering scars or tattoos, or it cannot cover redness at all. To cover pimples, scars and tattoos, you should go for concealers that have a yellow tone and are almost the same color as the skin on your face.

How to use concealer?

1. Apply an appropriate amount of concealer on the desired spot. Regarding the eyes, it is better to start from the inner corner of the eye and then spread the concealer outward. You should cover the lower eyelid with concealer so that the black and red spots are no longer visible.

2. Now it’s time to make the concealer completely absorbed by the skin, gently put the tip of the finger on the concealer and press a little until the skin under the finger warms up a little and the concealer is absorbed by the skin.

3. Finally, completely erase the concealer with powder.

Powder completes concealer

We advise most women to use a light powder with a yellow tone on the concealer; Of course, women with light skin should go for light or even white powders. Pay attention to these points when using the powder:

1. The brush you use for the powder in this area should be exactly the size of the distance from the eye to the septum of the nose so that you can spread the powder well.

2. Spread the powder under the eyes with a brush and then shake the brush a little and spread all the excess powder with a clean brush.

3. Stir the powder on the upper eyelid to show the shape of your eyes better.

4. Do not forget the bone under the eyebrow, apply a little powder to this area and finally smooth all the points around the eyes.

After correcting the flaws of the face with the concealer, now for more beauty, use a light font to brighten the points on the face such as the septum of the nose, the middle of the forehead, the corners of the lower lip and the chin, and use a dark font on the sides of the nose, under the cheekbones, and on the cheekbones. And darken the temples.
All kinds of concealers

Purple Concealer:

This concealer color is suitable for neutralizing facial swelling.

Yellow Concealer:

This color tone is suitable for any skin tone. This concealer fades dark spots.

Orange Concealer:

For brunettes, this concealer is very suitable. When buying, test it around the mouth.

Green Concealer:

This concealer is suitable for neutralizing the red tone of the skin. If you have congenital red spots or want to cover your pimples, this concealer is for you.

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