Make-up mistakes that make you look older

Makeup We do it to increase the attractiveness of the face, emphasize the beauties and cover the imperfections of the face, and most importantly, to look younger with makeup. Sometimes a cosmetic mistake can not only make you look younger but also make your face look older. These makeup mistakes may not seem like a big deal, but many of you have been left without the benefits of makeup without realizing what you have done wrong. But if Cosmetic mistakes Know that they are also very common, you can prevent it and have beautiful makeup without any problems.

Thinning eyebrows

You may have to spend a lot of money to buy Rejuvenating creams Or have cosmetic surgery and injections to look younger, but at the same time, waste all your efforts with a simple cosmetic mistake. It is a mistake to thin the eyebrows too much. Experience has shown that women with thick eyebrows look much younger than people with thin eyebrows. So if your eyebrows have the potential to become thick and thick, give it a chance to grow back, but if you have naturally thin eyebrows, you can do it with tricks. eyebrow makeupShow them full and thick.


Do not use cosmetic primer

If after hitting the foundation and Cosmetic creams Thin lines appear on your skin because you do not use makeup primer to prepare the skin before makeup. These fine lines make your skin look wrinkled and look older. Most primers contain beneficial acids and silicone that smooth the surface of the skin, cover fine lines and provide a good space to use the foundation. Also keep in mind that excessive use of concealer and foundation can make makeup on your skin look pasty and older. If you have large spots on your skin to prevent this cosmetic mistake foundation or Concealer Use in several layers to make the makeup look more natural.

Dull, dull, monochromatic hair

Hair plays an important role in making you look young and fresh, and you should not underestimate this role. If you dye your hair and the hair roots have grown, or your hair has become straight and unkempt, or if your hair looks dull and dead due to improper care, you are in fact looking older than you really are. In order not to make these hair-related cosmetic mistakes, it is necessary to pay more attention to hair care and make it shiny and fresh again with proper nutrition and the use of hair preservatives. To give volume to the hair, you can curl it or use new hair color models such as two-color range and ballage.

Use foundations with inappropriate colors

Two common makeup mistakes associated with foundations that make you look older are, first of all, the right foundation color for Skin You do not use it yourself and secondly you do not use the foundation in the right way and with the right tools on your skin. To make sure the foundation you buy has the right color, test it in the area between your jaw and neck, then leave the store and see its color under natural light and do not rely on artificial ambient light. If the color of the foundation is not found on your skin, this color is suitable for you. for use Sponge Foundation Or make a quality brush and apply it to the skin with a stroke rather than a rubbing motion to make the skin look more natural.

Wrong use of eyeliner

Make-up experts believe that nothing like a thick eyeliner can make you look older, especially if it is applied on the lower eyelid. This cosmetic mistake is made by many women and they unwittingly waste their time and energy to look older! While only a thin line of Eyeliner With quality and softness, it can easily make your eyes look big and attractive and add to its beauty.

Forgetting blush is a common cosmetic mistake

If you use a full foundation, complete the eye and lip makeup but do not use blush, you have actually made a big mistake. If you do not intend to blush, then it is better to put aside face makeup in general. Applying blush will deepen your face and make it look younger and fresher. But using too much of this cosmetic is also a cosmetic mistake that will make you look older, so use blush in very small amounts and in the right color.


Uniform hairstyle

Experts say that a uniform hairstyle makes your hair heavier and downward, so your face and hair will look thinner and older. To make your face look younger, it is better to use multi-layered hairstyles that have more volume and make the hair lighter.

Source: Red Magazine

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