Makeup according to different eye conditions

When we want to make up, we all have one purpose; To make our eyes bigger and brighter. So makeup artist Mia Silverio teaches us how to shade and line the eyes according to the shape of the eyes.

round eyes

If you have round eyes like Kitty Perry, start the eyeliner from the inner corner of the upper eyelid and continue it and draw a straight line outward at the end of the eyelid or draw a small cat eyeliner. Then lighten under the brow bone and apply a light shade to the inner corners of the eyes. To show the contrast between the lighter parts of the eye, take a medium-toned shadow and apply it lightly above the lid. Finally, draw a darker shade along this shade without overdoing it. Blend the shadow from the outer part towards the middle of the eye to give more shape to your eyelid. See the perfect example of this makeup in the eyes of Katy Perry.


almond eyes

It’s no wonder Beyoncé’s eye shape is such that you’ll want to make your eyes look like hers with makeup—aren’t those eyes really captivating? If you have almond eyes, you should use the same makeup technique for round eyes, just follow the shape of your eyes when shading.


Eyes with downward corners

Eyes that are downward-pointing like Camilla Bell need to be lifted, so in this case the eyeliner plays the most important role. First, use the shadow to lighten it up and make up in the same way as you do for round or almond eyes – with the difference that the eyeliner should be darker. After shading, start the eyeliner from the corner of the eye and draw it to the end; However, if you want a more dramatic look, curve the eyeliner outward and upwards at the end of the eye, just like a smiley face or cat eyes.


Hollow eyes

For those with sunken eyes like Keira Knightley, use the same round-eye technique, but use the dark shade much less. You want to make the eye stand out with this method, and that doesn’t happen with a dark shade.


Eyes close together or with a small distance

Make-up for eyes close to each other like Christian Bell should be in such a way that the distance between the eyes can be seen more. To start the work, apply a light shade under the brow bone, and to shade the inner corners of the upper eyelid, it works like round eyes, but the only difference is in the foundation of the shade. Use a medium color and shade wider than the width of the eye when shading for round eyes. Then choose a darker color and shade on top of the shadow you applied to have more contrast. Start the eyeliner from the middle of the eyelid and draw a straight line and continue it more than the width of the eye.


Eyes with drooping eyelids

Eyes with droopy eyelids like Selena Gomez’s eyes have an extra layer of skin under the eyebrow that falls on the eyelid and makes the eyelid appear smaller. These people do not need to brighten with shadows, so just shade the corners of the lids. Then apply the appropriate amount of a dark shade on the part of the eyelid that is located below. Then apply a dark shade around these outlines to give the eyes a more rounded look with the error of vision and draw the eyeliner a little longer to balance this combination. You can see the effect of this makeup in the seductive sparkle of the eyes of the former Disney princess.


Monolid eyes

Monolid eyes are an eye where the distance between the eye and the eyebrow is a flat surface. You should shade like eyes with drooping eyelids so that the eyes look bigger and more open. At first, you need to overdo the lightening of the beginning of the eyelid, continue this shade and draw it outwards in the center of the eye. Then take a shade with a medium color and shade above this line and beyond the end of the eye so that you can give a round shape to the eyes. The dark shade should be used in the same design and very light to define the form but should not go beyond the center of the eye. When you draw eyeliner, keep your hand steady and without shaking and draw a very thin line and draw a little thicker at the end.


Prominent eyes

If you have prominent eyes like Nicole Richie, you don’t need to brighten the lower lid or the corners of the upper lid, just lighten a little under the brow bone. Like drooping eyelids, you should apply a heavy shadow with medium color. Instead of shading the top of the eyelid line, you should also shade the lower part of the eyelid a lot. Most importantly, draw a heavy eyeliner from the corner of the eye to the end in a straight line. Don’t be afraid to make this line thick. This darkening of the eyes reduces the prominence of the eyes.



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