Makeup troubleshooting

Makeup should be done step by step and carefully and elegantly. It is better to study the steps of self-makeup carefully and fix your problems in this field. Stay with us.

To start makeup, use a cream-powder whose base color is very close to your skin color. In this case, the makeup will sit more on your face. You should mix the cream powder you use on your neck because otherwise there is a possibility that even a small gap between the color of your face and your neck will be visible and your whole makeup will be questioned.

Must: Wear colored makeup

Be sure to use color supplements for face makeup. See blush and lipstick as accessories that should be matched on your face. For example, if you have used pink lipstick, be sure that your blush is of a similar color from the pink family. You definitely don’t wear pink pants with an orange blouse! The same is true for makeup.

Don’t: Line the blush

Be careful not to apply it on your cheeks in stripes due to the narrowness of the blush brush. Blush should be spread on your cheeks. For daily use of blush, make sure to use light colors and in fact pale colors because you are not going to a party and you just want your face to have a little color.

Don’t: Skip the lipstick

Using a lipstick color, even pale, can give your face an expression and soul and make your face brighter in a way. You should try different lipstick colors to see which one suits you best.

Do not use cold or hot water

In the beginning, go straight to lukewarm water. When the water is too hot, it can easily damage the blood vessels under the skin. As a result, you cannot hide the red spots caused by this incident on your facial skin; So your beauty is at risk! On the other hand, washing your face with cold water can cause your skin pores to be blocked; So go straight for lukewarm water.

Don’t: Use oily concealer

Do not use oily concealers to cover blemishes and blemishes, especially under the eyes, because they block all the pores of your face by penetrating the skin lines.

Must: Apply cream powder on your eyelids

You should also apply cream powder between your eyelid and your eyebrows. In this case, the color of your entire face becomes uniform for makeup; In addition, because sometimes the back of the eyelid is redder; Therefore, with cream powder, you can make the whole face the same color. In this way, your skin will be softer for the rest of the makeup.

Must: eyeliner near the eyelashes

You should draw the eyeliner as close to your eyelids and eyelashes as possible. Black, gray and burnt brown eyeliner applied just right to your lashes can make your eyes appear framed.

Must: Shade

The shade makes your eyes look fresher and not just to color them. Pay attention to the fact that if your eyes are, for example, blue, using a blue shade will not make them better, but will only exaggerate the color of your eyes. Brown and black shades with dark and light shades are the most natural and best eye shadows that can make your eyes more attractive.

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