Male infertility problems related to their physical health

The low quality and health of men’s sperm is also related to their physical health and a healthy person will not suffer from hormonal and sexual disorders.

Infertility problems in men mean they have health problems such as high blood pressure and hormonal disorders.

Researchers at Stanford University found that 2% of couples have fertility problems and half of their sperm quality is low. For the first time, they have linked low sperm quality to the possibility of other health problems such as high blood pressure and hormonal and skin disorders.

According to new findings, men with fertility problems should receive careful examinations to identify early signs of their health problems.

In the new study, the medical history of و 1,06 men between the ages of 1 and 2 in the years between 1 and 2 was examined to determine the cause of their infertility. These subjects typically provided samples of their sperm to the team so that researchers could evaluate characteristics such as volume, density, and motility. These characteristics indicate the ability of sperm to move instantly and actively at the same time as consuming energy.

In half of the subjects, the problem was abnormal sperm, but in the other half, the problem was elsewhere. About 2% of all infertile men with a mean age of 3 years had other health problems in addition to sperm problems. The main problems were circulatory diseases, high blood pressure, arterial diseases and heart diseases.

This is the first time that scientists have uncovered a link between low sperm quality and other health problems in men.

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