Many misconceptions about hair care methods

For some girls and young women, it is very important to have long hair, and sometimes it is necessary to go to the hairdresser and have to cut it, but this hair becomes more important when they are getting married, because the beauty of the bride is in her hair.

This issue becomes more important especially one or two months before the engagement and wedding ceremony, and if the bride has not paid special attention to her hair, then these thin strands will find a special place in her mind; Because we all know that half of the beauty of every wedding lies in the beauty and freshness of her hair.
There are many misconceptions about hair care methods, the knowledge of which can shorten the way for women to achieve beautiful and healthy hair like a shortcut.

Misconception number one: If you cut the tips of your hair every month, you will increase their growth and help the health and vitality of your hair.
This word has no scientific basis; Because hair grows from the roots and the speed of hair growth depends on physiological factors, not on scissors!!! So, if you have a few months left until your wedding and you want your hair to grow faster, it is better to consult a skin and hair specialist.

Misconception number two: Frizz can be repaired.
It would be great if there was a way to repair frizz, but unfortunately there is no other way than to cut the hair short. You should cut your hair immediately after seeing the frizz, otherwise the frizz will increase and ruin all your hair.

Misconception number three: Cut your hair under the moon of the fourteenth night to make it more beautiful and healthy.
Although it seems that there is a mutual relationship between the changes of the moon and the physiological conditions of women’s bodies, this planet does not affect the health of hair in any day of the month or year. In fact, if you cut your hair during the night of the 14th of the month or tomorrow and the day after that, there is no difference.

Misconception number four: Comb your hair several times a day
The misconception that combing your hair intermittently throughout the day can increase its resistance is not only 100% wrong, but it is also harmful to your hair and causes damage to its structure. Also, remember that the more times you comb your hair, the higher the risk of developing frizz. Combing your hair once a day is enough, and you can use your hands and fingertips to groom them the rest of the day.

Misconception number five: If you cut white hair, their number will increase.
Another myth and wrong belief that many of us believe is the same thing, although we all know that there is not even a small logical reason in this, but we have accepted it.

Misconception number six: Baldness is inherited from the mother.
If you are bald, don’t blame your mother because this gene may be passed from both parents to the child. Hair loss starts in men between the ages of 18 and 20 and in women between the ages of 45 and 55.

Misconception number six: If your scalp becomes dry and sore, it means you have dandruff.
None of these two issues have anything to do with each other. If your scalp is dry and sore, you can easily improve it with the right shampoo and special lotions, while sometimes you need expert advice to get rid of dandruff.

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