Meat production technology with plants

Again, Bill Gates has brought you a new innovation. This important achievement in the field of nutrition is a vegetarian hamburger. The appearance of this vegetarian burger is no different from a beef burger, which is produced to improve the health of society. The production of vegetarian meat is a huge change in the field of nutrition among The people of the world will create, without a doubt, people who are in favor of healthy eating will welcome this food.

It is said that the world population will reach 9 billion people by 2050.

The worse news for meat lovers is that the planet does not have the capacity to raise enough livestock and poultry to meet the needs of this population. Currently, only raising chickens, pigs, cows and sheep occupies 30% of the earth’s surface. Very large companies and giants in the world are engaged in the production of dairy and meat products, but recently a factory in Red Ford City, California. has started a business that claims to produce “plant-based hamburgers” that are almost impossible for ordinary people to separate from real meat.

The company “Impossible Foods” or “impossible foods” made ready-made vegetarian burgers that did not burn in a pan or barbecue with real meat. From the sound of frying to the smell and smoke and even drops of blood. This very exciting burger was first released this summer in New York, but from October 13th, the people of the west coast of the United States will also be available in three restaurants in the cities of Los Angeles. and San Francisco to test this hamburger.

The Business Insider website recently visited this factory to prepare an illustrated report on the preparation and production stages of this plant-based meat. In the following, the cover of this report is presented to you lovers of meat products.

In the city of Redwood, California, a factory with a black and glass facade has been established, where scientists, nutrition experts and a number of Silicon Valley bigwigs have gathered to offer a premium plant-based hamburger to the world.

But near Pat Brown – the founder of this factory – the term vegetarian hamburger cannot be used! The purpose of setting up this factory is to produce vegetarian hamburgers that cannot be distinguished from real meat. Although the “black bean” or “mushroom” burgers will not mislead anyone (they are clearly vegetarian), but this hamburger is really not so easily recognizable.

Chris Davis – director of research and development at the company “Impossible Foods” told Business Insider: There is no reason at all to convince yourself that cows are the best source of meat for burgers.

After years of research, scientists have found that only one molecule cannot determine the unique smell and taste of meat.

This research showed that a tasty burger is a combination of elements that if we separate each of them to the molecular level, strange tastes like pineapple, lettuce and socks! It is felt.

But the secret element that connects the rest of these elements together is “heme or iron as a whole” (Heme). A molecule that carries oxygen in the blood vessels of animals and plays a role in energy production through a mechanism.

In fact, the presence of “heme” gives color to the blood and the pink color of the meat is also from this substance. The taste of metal like meat and its pleasant smell are all due to the presence of “hem”.

The problem is that “hem” cannot be obtained from the supermarket. Therefore, the company had to go for oilseeds rich in iron and of course soybeans. But millions of plants had to be destroyed just to supply the “heme” needed by the factory.

Therefore, the company’s scientists decided to produce this element artificially in the laboratory. By discovering the genetic code for the production of “heme” in soybeans, they injected it into the liquid dough.

Liquid dough became a temporary factory for the production of “Ham”. The rotating vats of white liquid filled with foam slowly turned into a strawberry-colored milk-like liquid, and this means “hem” was being produced.

The liquid produced for concentration enters these cylinders to separate the pulp and water in them. This process will last about a week.

Wheat protein, one of the common substitutes for animal protein, is the main ingredient in the production of these burgers. By processing this type of protein tissue under pressure in the oven, they give it a structure similar to animal muscle. Although the final product looks similar to tuna salad.

Large cooked potatoes are added to this protein to increase the chewability of these burgers. The added potatoes add protein equivalent to a serving of cheddar cheese to the “impossible burgers”.

Coconut oil, fat, sugar and permitted additives are used in different stages of the production of this product, of course there are other ingredients as well.

But how do these burgers really taste?

Even with its pink center and seductive taste, Impossible Burgers can’t fool a professional carnivore. The main problem is their rubbery and mushroom-like texture.

But despite this weakness, this burger is fried on the grill exactly like real meat, the surrounding of the burger is dry and black, but the center and inside are completely similar to a real burger. It is easy to say that this product is miles ahead of other similar herbal products in terms of quality.

Big investors stand behind this product, for example, Bill Gates – the owner and founder of Microsoft – and Google are supporters of “Impossible Food”. Of course, Google’s attempt to buy this food company in 2015 failed.

Guru Chris Davis, a member of the company’s research and development (R&D) team, told Business Insider about the current outlook: “We went from the idea of ​​the impossible burger to what you see now in five years.” Be sure, in five years you will taste much tastier burgers.

Since the quality of cows cannot be improved to produce better burgers, “Impossible Foods” company intends to achieve this goal, which is to produce richer, healthier, tastier and of course meat-free burgers.

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