Medical information about Salk’s disease

How can Salk’s disease be prevented and treated? In this article, we will examine the causes and important factors for the spread of Salk’s disease. Add this field.

Salk is a kind of skin disease that causes spots and wounds with an unpleasant appearance on people’s bodies.

Nariman Shahba, a dermatologist and hair specialist, said: People should not be indifferent to wounds on the skin because it can be a sign of an important disease.

He stated: Long-term wounds, which are treated slowly, should be treated and sampled under the supervision of a specialist doctor to investigate their causes.

Shahba said: “Salek” is a skin disease that causes unpleasant-looking spots and wounds on people’s bodies, which are more common in some climatic regions.

This skin and hair expert stated: The wounds resulting from Salk’s disease usually remain on the skin for a year, and the healing process is slow, and if not treated, it causes dimples and depressions in the skin.

He said: In case of treatment of salak, especially in the face area, it is possible to prevent its effects on the skin surface to a large extent.

Shehba said: “The scar remover creates a bad scene on the surface of the skin and brings the possibility of secondary infections, the source of contamination for other people.”

He reminded: Any wound that is not treated after three weeks increases the possibility of the occurrence of Salk’s disease and other important diseases, and it is necessary to see a specialist doctor if these symptoms are observed.

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