Medical prescription for skin care at night

Night care is very important for healthy skin, but this does not mean that you have to do all these things every night. Every skin is unique in some way, so the products that each person should use may be different from another. Know your skin and find your own method.

We all know how important the skin care program is, and the most important one is the program we do for our skin at night, because that’s when the cells repair and restore themselves. Sleep is one of the most important factors affecting the health of the skin, so it is better to pay enough attention to the sleep schedule and, as a result, our own health. Get to know the 9 products you need for night care for your skin here!

1) Detergent:

The first step of your night routine should be washing your face. Wash all makeup and dirt on your face with a non-soap face wash. Sleeping with makeup on can age your skin and clog pores, which eventually leads to breakouts. Always use a mild cleanser suitable for your skin type, and wash your face with it at the end of every day.

2) eye makeup remover:

Whether to use an eye makeup remover separately is up to you. If you have light makeup and using detergent alone is enough for you, then don’t think about it. But if other than this, we usually need help to remove mascara, shadow and eyeliner. Make sure that all traces of eye make-up are removed, so that you don’t get inflammation and infection later.

3) toner:

Using toner is not necessary for everyone. Some women have very good skin and do not need toner at all. But including it in your night skin care program can be very beneficial. The purpose of toner is actually cleansing, but it also does many other things, such as moisturizing, balancing pH, refreshing the skin, shrinking skin pores, and protecting the skin from minerals and chlorine in city water!

4) Serum:

Another product that helps you in the night program is serum. Serums are produced in a gel-like state and contain a high concentration of active ingredients such as anti-wrinkle, brightening, and moisturizing ingredients. The best time to use the serum is when your skin is still a little damp. So you can use it after washing your face so that all the necessary ingredients are absorbed by your skin.

5) Moisturizer:

After you use the serum, it’s time for the moisturizer. It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have, in any case, moisturizing cream is a mandatory step for you. As we mentioned earlier, night is the time when the skin regenerates itself, that’s why night moisturizing creams are made to repair and moisturize a lot.

6) Eye cream:

Some people prefer to use only moisturizer and no eye cream. There is no problem, some women are blessed with clear and problem-free skin that only needs the most basic care. But if puffiness and blackness around the eyes and wrinkles that are increasing day by day bother you, it is better to use a separate eye cream to strengthen the skin around your eyes.

7) Acne creams:

If your skin surprises you with strange pimples from time to time, you can use acne creams (which are only applied to the acne area). You should use these creams before applying serum or any type of moisturizer. Otherwise, you will not get much result.

8) Lip moisturizer:

If your lips become a little dry and rough, you can exfoliate them with a special lip scrub. Another thing that can be done is to gently rub a soft and wet cloth over your lips. After this, apply lip moisturizer to have softer lips.

9) Body cream:

The last thing you should not forget is to apply some moisture to the rest of your body, including hands and feet. Also, you can use special foot or hand creams for each part, but a normal body cream will also start your cartoon!

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