Medical warnings about eye makeup products

Some women use each other’s cosmetics. It is better not to use other people’s common tools for your eye makeup because you will transfer pathogenic germs from their body to your body. Failure to follow the hygienic principles of cosmetic products will have dire consequences for your eyesight.

Increasing the use of eye cosmetics such as eyeliner, mascara, etc. raises the question of how to use these products hygienically so as not to cause eye damage.

It should be noted that before using eye cosmetics, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Of course, if you have an eye infection, do not use the eye product until complete recovery. Also, if you use an eye product and it causes inflammation, stop taking it immediately and see a specialist if the inflammation persists. Also, avoid eye cosmetics if the skin around your eyes is inflamed.

Another important tip is to never share your eye cosmetics with others; When products are shared, germs can be passed from person to person. Also avoid testers that are commonly used in stores. At the same time, do not use old cosmetics and know that the maximum shelf life of the product is three months after opening the lid, and if you notice a severe change in the color and smell of the product, stop using it.

Be sure to keep all cosmetic products clean. Failure to follow hygienic principles when using cosmetics can cause bacteria to grow in products such as mascara and eyeliner, causing eye infections. For example, do not put mascara brush on the table, because it can contaminate it, always wash your hands before using eye cosmetics. Never add water to eye cosmetics, as this will contaminate the product and cause eye damage.

It is recommended that you never use eye cosmetics while moving the car; Because a sudden stop may cause a blow with the mascara brush and damage the eye. On the other hand, you should pay attention to using eye products only for eye makeup. Therefore, never use lip liner as eyeliner; Because the infection may be transmitted from the lips to the eyes; Also, dyes that are allowed to be used in lip products may not be allowed in eye products.

According to the deputy director of food and medicine of Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences, an important point to pay attention to is that if the use of a product causes inflammation and irritation of the eyes, stop using it and see a doctor if necessary.


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