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Meet the Tiny Mobile House That Comes Equipped With a Greenhouse

With house prices sky-rocketing, a lot of people are making the switch to tiny house living. There have been many recent examples of tiny home builders thinking more outside of the restrictions of a tiny box. This includes things like connecting two tiny houses together with a sun room and deck, or the brilliant idea of developing dedicated tiny house communities.


Now, adding a mobile tiny greenhouse and porch to your tiny house is an option – and people are loving it! The company Olive Nest Tiny Homes designed a 28-foot tiny house, named The Elsa, which comes equipped with a separate pergola trailer with porch swing and greenhouse.

The exterior is finished with 1×8 cedar shiplap siding, a grey standing seam metal roof, and a matching four panel glass front door. It is the perfect fit for anyone already interested in sustainability, small carbon footprints, and rejecting consumerism.

The main part of the tiny home is a cozy 323-square-feet, but the design and brilliantly placed hidden storage makes it feel spacious and airy. It features a lofty bedroom (with storage, so you don’t have to keep climbing up and down the stairs to get there), as well as a kitchen bar table that easily turns out and becomes a table for four. The kitchen itself is equipped with a full size gas range and fridge.

The greenhouse is what makes Elsa truly special. At 85-square feet, it is large enough to grow your favourite fruit and vegetables. Once your produce is ripe, enjoy it from the comfort of your porch swing.

While this house sold for a mere $81,000, this company, and others, are constantly coming up with beautiful designs, so that anyone can live out their tiny home dreams.

Image Credit: Olive Nest Tiny Homes

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