Melanoma skin cancer with these symptoms

What damage some skin spots and pigments have, side effects and dangers for our skin, and what are the symptoms of skin cancer? How can we know if it is benign or malignant?

A new study has found that people with dark skin are one-third more likely to develop dangerous pigment spots on the soles of their hands or heels.

In rare cases, these “end pigmented lesions” result in melanoma skin cancer. According to researchers, people with these lesions should see a dermatologist to make sure they are benign.

For example, musician Bob Marley died of melanoma diagnosed under his nails.

“End pigmented lesions in dark-skinned people have not been well studied,” said lead author Dr. Jennifer Stein.

Stein’s team evaluated the palms and heels of 1,052 patients at dermatology clinics in New York and Miami. The researchers found 391 pigmented lesions on the palms of the hands and 278 on the heels.

These lesions were found in 30% of white patients and 40% of dark-skinned patients (a difference of about 30%). The researchers also found that 44% of patients with the darkest skin had the lesions. In comparison, 28% of whites had lesions.

Pigmented terminal lesions were also associated with more moles, especially in a minority of patients.


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