Men worry about penis size

One of the common misconceptions and concerns among men is that they think that their penis size is small and that they suffer from discomfort and stress in their married life and relationships. In this article, we examine this issue.

Male penis size sometimes causes problems in men and affects their self-confidence. In this article, we examine the normal size of the male penis.

What is the size of the male penis usually? This is a question that many men ask themselves.

According to a research conducted in the British International Journal of Urology, the length of the male penis when lying down and without erection is 9 cm and when erect is 13 cm. The diameter of the penis is 9.2 cm when not erect and when erect. It is 11.5 cm. The diameter of the penis is calculated in its largest part.

Further information is provided in this regard.

The result of research conducted in the field of penis size
The research that was conducted in the field of penis size used the data of 17 studies in this field and 15 thousand men were examined in these studies.

In these surveys, it was found that only 5% of men have a penis larger than 16 cm in erection. On the other hand, only 5% of men have a penis smaller than 10 cm, and the size of the penis in 95% of men is 10 to 13 cm.

Other studies conducted in this field have similar results. In this research, the researchers found that the length of men’s penis in a relaxed and non-erect state does not predict its length in an erect state. In other words, the length of men’s penis may be similar in erection, while its size in the relaxed state will be different in different men.

What is the size of the male penis? Can the penis be enlarged?

Most men’s concern about the size of their penis is whether it can satisfy him and his wife sexually. Some men are also concerned about how they look without clothes.

A bigger penis is not always good for sex. A research in this field was conducted on 75 women and they will be asked about the size of the penis. The penis that most of these women chose for one night was a little bigger than the one they intended for a long relationship. However, in both cases, the chosen size was not much larger than the size of a normal penis.

In another similar study conducted in the same field, the researchers found that the diameter of the penis is much more important than its length in achieving sexual satisfaction.

A man’s understanding of the size of his penis has a great impact on his self-confidence and his positive image of his body. Men who are worried about the size of their penis in the state of erection and non-erection may have erectile dysfunction caused by anxiety and other become emotional problems.

After talking with these men, therapists found that most of these men thought their penis size was too small. In one of the researches, it was found that 67% of men who think they have a small penis, in fact, their penis is not so small that they have this worry and anxiety.

Can the penis be enlarged?
If you decide to enlarge the penis, you must consult a urologist. In the studies, it has been determined that only men whose penis is less than 4 cm in the relaxed state and less than 7 cm in the erect state are suitable candidates for penis enlargement.

Before making a complete decision in this field, it is better to visit a psychologist or counselor and express your concerns. In these counseling sessions, questions are examined, including: Is your penis really abnormally small or is it almost a balanced size and you have an unrealistic perception of your penis? Or are your ideas and perceptions about penis size unrealistic? Therefore, it is better to consult a psychologist before making any decision.

Some men use liposuction around their pubic bone, so that the fat-covered part of the penis becomes more visible.

Inflatable penile prostheses are also surgically inserted into the penis and are an effective method for treating erectile dysfunction and increasing the length of the penis.

To enlarge or thicken your penis, be sure to consult a doctor who has a lot of experience in this field. Carefully examine and research advertisements that offer creams, pills, and other surgical procedures.

Overall result
For many men, the question is whether their penis size is normal or close to normal. But the truth is that most men have average sized penises. If you also have this idea and concern, it is better to measure your penis so that this ambiguity is resolved for you. If this concern is not resolved, we recommend that you consult a urologist and a psychologist.

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Tips for having a positive attitude towards the body

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your body, whether it is related to the size of your penis or the overall appearance of your body, consider the following effective tips to feel better about yourself:

Focus on the features and parts of your body that you like, for example your broad shoulders or your smile.
– Have a healthy and ideal weight and add exercise to your daily schedule. If you look healthy and fit, you will feel better about yourself
– Don’t focus on the size of your penis and don’t be sensitive about it. You can enjoy sex regardless of the size of your penis
– Do not compare yourself with athletes, models and actors. In this case, you will have an unrealistic and unhealthy perception of your body.
Spend more time and energy on activities you love, such as hobbies, travel, exercise, or other activities. You can gain high self-confidence from non-physical activities such as your creativity or high intelligence.


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