Menstruation and these problematic changes

During menstruation, women experience many problems and various complications appear in them. We will mention some of them in the following.

Menstruation and fit It seems that the body aches, bloating and fatigue of the premenstrual period were not enough that we have to endure the confusion of our appearance once a month! From pimples and puffy eyes to paleness and dullness around the eyes, learning to fight all the hormonal factors that interfere with our usual beauty can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, we have put aside trial and error and moved on to the article: We have introduced you to some specialized and necessary shortcuts that you will definitely need in this way. If you can not spend all these days in bed, trying these problem-solving ways is not harmless.

Puffy eyes

Accumulation of fluid in the body near menstruation may cause swelling. This means that it will swell under your eyes as well. Not pleasant at all; But do not worry because this is the solution of the experts; Use caffeine-containing eye ointments. These ointments constrict blood vessels and eliminate excess fluid, and in addition to reducing puffiness, they even out the skin and prevent wrinkles. Of course, keeping the skin products you use cool does not always work to reduce puffiness.

greasy skin

Fluctuations in hormones before menstruation cause the sebaceous glands to go flat. According to Dr. Joshua Saikner, an assistant professor of dermatology at Ican Medical School, you can control this “shine” if you make the necessary adjustments in the middle of the period for your skin care program.
“It is better to use cleansers that contain 2% salicylic acid,” he says. “Because they eliminate excess fat and dead cells that clog your pores.”

Boils and stains

Excess fat during this period, in addition to causing electricity in your face and protruding from under the makeup, can also cause pimples. Experts say that you can apply benzoyl peroxide ointment on the areas that are prone to these pimples, such as around the mouth, and prevent them from forming. Use non-perfumed moisturizers as the foundation layer of your makeup, because perfume can irritate your skin, which is prone to pimples during this period, and aggravate its problems. You can also use a repairing and hydrating serum.

Jaundice and paleness

Most women are familiar with the colorless and superficial shape of menstruation. Most young women develop anemia during this period; Especially if their period is heavy and intense. So you need to make sure you have a proper diet and eat foods like spinach that are high in iron and iron-containing pills (which, of course, according to your doctor). If you look pale, weak, or feel that your hair strands are getting thinner during this period – or in general over time – be sure to see your primary care physician. To solve this problem, you can start with a vitamin C ointment to benefit your skin from natural hydration and blood supply.

In the next step, use a powder cream that has a neutral and beautiful color and is a good base for adding other colors. You may be tempted to use thicker cream powders to brighten your complexion, but do not; Because it just makes your skin look like a cake. Instead, decide on a color that suits your taste buds.

Blurring around the eyes

In addition to the whole body being tired of premenstrual syndrome, hormones may be tired. So I applied a little antioxidant around your eyes so that at least you do not look tired. Experts say antioxidants such as vitamin C brighten your skin, soothe inflammation and promote healthy collagen.

Start your morning blindfolded when you are about to wake up refreshed but tired. You can also try gel pads under the eyes that help improve blood circulation. Next, when you want to choose a concealer, it is important to go for the right color spectrum; That means using more of a particular color to make your eyes look better.

For example, use a little yellow for the corners of the eyes and apply a little pink on the dark areas. If you need a more powerful weapon to control the darkness, combine your own concealer with powder cream. This is the maximum coverage you can get from a concealer and you should be careful to use a very small amount of this combination.

Health Weekly – Translated by Sheida Mazlumnejari

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