Methods of correcting asymmetry in the eyelid

In every encounter with every person we see for the first time, that person’s face is noticeable to us, and if there is a simple asymmetry in his face, it does not matter much, but if his eyelid is asymmetrical, we will definitely notice it. Asymmetry in the eyelid is one of the most common things in the face of people, and ironically, there are many reasons for the loss of symmetry between the eyelids, which we will tell you later.

Asymmetry in the eyelid:

The fat under the skin of the face is very important, but too much fat under one eyelid can drive that eyelid up, while the natural fat on the other side of the face can make this asymmetry clear. Injecting fat into another eyelid can correct this mismatch and does not require major surgery. It has also been observed that people who follow strict diets and try to lose weight often damage their face and skin. It should be noted that fats contain substances that prevent the skin of the face from sagging or sagging, and when a person loses weight, the symmetry of the face is disturbed, and when they become obese again, these fats do not return to their proper place, and only injections Fat or gel can help these people.

Eyelid surgery

In the elderly and middle-aged people, aging in the upper eyelid causes swelling and sagging of the skin and the formation of skin folds, which is sometimes accompanied by sagging and sagging eye muscle and protrusion of fat. In this case, the upper eyelid becomes puffy. Existence of some diseases such as hyperthyroidism and underemployment. Alcohol consumption and smoking. This condition occurs at a younger age. The eyelid muscle loses its strength and the junction of the skin and the eyelid muscle descends to the eye socket.

Eyelid plastic surgery eyelid surgery |

Eyelid plastic surgery (eyelid surgery) is an outpatient surgery that can be performed in limited surgery centers without anesthesia. In 90% of patients with upper eyelid surgery, it is enough to remove the extra skin and a thin layer of muscle. Skin removal based on aesthetic principles is essential to achieve the ideal result, as well as maintaining and creating symmetry.

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