Methods to prevent premenstrual pains

One of the issues that cause women’s complaints is premenstrual pain. Before menstruation, women’s bodies undergo changes that are not at all pleasant for them. Also, there are changes in their moods and sometimes they feel a lack of energy to such an extent that they can’t even do their daily activities.

1- Consume more essential fatty acids:

Many studies have shown that the consumption of these fatty acids, which are mainly found in foods such as cold-water fish such as salmon, as well as nuts such as walnuts, almonds, or seeds such as sesame and fennel, causes a reduction in dysmenorrhea symptoms (premenstrual symptoms). ) becomes

2- Foods that you should eat a week before the start of menstruation:

A week before the start of the period, it is better than spinach (you can steam it and eat it with yogurt, which is very tasty).

use raspberries and walnuts and also use more saffron, fennel, tarragon, leeks, shallots, black pepper, cinnamon and orange peel when cooking.

3- Use the following teas:

Chamomile, valerian and borage tea, raspberry and red oleander tea are very effective in reducing pain and relaxing you. You can prepare each of these infusions separately and consume them as you wish. It should be mentioned that these herbal teas are actually the treasures of Eastern medical science that have been inherited to us and you can benefit from them if you use them properly.

4- Take magnesium supplements:

Some women suffer from premenstrual pain due to the decrease in blood magnesium level, so it is recommended to start taking 500 mg plus 50 mg of vitamin B6 a day, one week before the period, which is very effective in reducing the following cramps. The stomach is very useful.

5- Make a list:

You must have noticed by now that a week before your period, you are allergic to some foods and sometimes it causes discomfort

You will be menstruating during your period, so we advise you to prepare a list of these foods and avoid them in the following periods.

6-Do sports and intellectual exercises:

Unlike in the past, when it was recommended to rest, but in Chinese medicine, it is recommended to do physical and intellectual exercises in a calm and moderate level (such as Tai Chi, yoga). This will make you more calm and balanced.

7- Avoid eating salt, alcohol, caffeine, and…

You may have a great desire to eat these substances, but you should know that they are very effective in aggravating your problems, and if you really cannot resist them, at least have a moderate and small consumption of them or eat chocolate!

8- Deep breath:

When you are very troubled and anxious, take five deep breaths through your nose and exhale, you will see that it is very effective in reducing your pain and symptoms.

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