Miracle exercise in the treatment of patients with MS

The damaged parts of the brain of patients with MS are destroyed more slowly in people who exercise. Exercises such as bodybuilding and aerobics cause better preservation of brain and nerve abilities in patients with MS.

A group of American experts found in their recent studies that yoga improves the overall quality of life of people with MS.

MS is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system and brain.

“Although yoga is widely used among people with MS, most of the studies related to its effects are inconclusive, and currently there is little empirical and experimental information about safety and efficacy,” said Susan Gould-Fogrit, one of the experts in the study. It does not exist.

In this study, experts tried to understand the effect of yoga on the quality of health of people with MS. After an eight-week trial period, the research team found that patients who participated in yoga classes were better able to walk short distances and even for longer periods of time. In addition, they could maintain their balance better and the coordination of their body movements was more.

According to Fogritt, yoga is not currently prescribed for people with MS, but it may be used as a useful and effective treatment method in the future.

16 September 2013 21:13

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