Moles and their dangers

What are the dangers of moles on our skin for our health? What problems do these moles report in the body? What advice do dermatologists give us in this regard?

Farhad Mostofi, a dermatologist and hair specialist, said: “Organs such as the hands and face are usually more exposed to sunlight than other parts of the body, and there is a risk of developing melanoma (black spots on the skin), which is a deformed mole.” There are more.

He continued: “The dangers of the sun’s ultraviolet rays in summer are higher than other seasons, and people who sunbathe on hot days are more likely to develop skin melanoma.”

Mostofi acknowledged: “Although moles on the skin do not show any symptoms in the early stages, they may increase the chances of getting cancer if exposed to the sun.”

Regarding the symptoms of melanoma exacerbation, he added: “The growth of new spots, changes in the texture of black spots on the skin and the appearance of new spots are the symptoms of melanoma exacerbation.”

The dermatologist concluded: “If you progress, you should remove these moles from your body under the supervision of a doctor and pathology tests, and the importance of using sunscreen on hot days of the year will increase.”

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