Mood swings to combat heart disease

With these three simple steps, do not be among the 50% deaths

The percentage of causes of death in the country, heart attacks and strokes are caused by nutritional problems; This is what the deputy director of research of the Ministry of Health says

In some parts of the world, such as some parts of Africa, the cause of all kinds of diseases and deaths is the lack of proper food and hunger. In Iran, people die because of “bad nutrition”. Most Iranians not only have good access to food, but according to the announcement According to FAO, 35 million tons of food is wasted in Iran every year. Apart from this, 70% of Iranian people are also obese.

Diseases such as diabetes are gradually becoming a national threat, so that according to the statistics of the Ministry of Health, 10% of Iranians have diabetes, and it is feared that one third of Iranian people will become diabetic in the next decade. Other types of diseases such as high blood pressure, digestive inefficiencies, cancer, etc. also have their place.

The fact is that if “bad nutrition” is the cause of half of the deaths of Iranians, then by improving the food culture, each of us can at least reduce the risk of contracting deadly diseases for ourselves and our families.

Our serious suggestion, which you can implement today, is “adjusting nutrition based on temperament”. Humans have different temperaments, the most famous of which are:

-Warm and dry

– Hot and humid

-cold and dry

– Cold and wet

Each person should eat according to his own nature. For example, if someone has a cold temperament and constantly eats foods that have a cold temperament, his health will be at risk in the long run.

– The first thing we should do is to identify which of the four main groups of types of temperaments our character belongs to.

There are various ways to diagnose the condition, and with a little search on reputable sites, you can get good information about how to identify the condition, although going to a doctor who specializes in traditional medicine is considered a more reliable method. .

– The second step is to know the nature of all types of food and adjust our daily meal plan including main meals and snacks based on it.

For example, if we find that our mood is cold and there are bananas and cucumbers on the table at a party, we choose warm fruits (bananas) and refrain from eating cold fruits (cucumbers). Or if we eat the cucumber, we also eat its “musleh” next to it. In Iranian medicine, Mosleh is a food that moderates the effect of the food we have eaten before. For example, cucumber and raisins are good for cucumber, and if someone eats currants after eating cucumber, the effect of its cold nature on a person with a cold nature will be neutralized. With a simple search, we can also obtain this valuable information.

– The third step for health is “eating in moderation”. Most of us Iranians, apart from not eating the right foods, we also eat too much of the foods that are not suitable for our nature. The result is clear:

– Liver damage

Disturbance of the chemical balance of the body

– Suffering from all kinds of diseases

-Early death

Therefore, in addition to criticizing the educational system and the media that do not teach us these things, it is better to take these three practical and very useful steps from today and protect ourselves and our families from the disaster that has engulfed us all and constantly from It takes sacrifice between us, to save.

We will write more about this in order to raise the level of general awareness of people about nutrition based on nature.

Source: Asr Iran

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