Most of the divorces are for this reason!

78% of the reasons for divorce are related to sexual issues, which is one of the most important reasons for divorce.

Maybe you have not been to the family court yet, but you have undoubtedly passed in front of one of them while passing through the streets of the city, and perhaps during this passage, the hustle and bustle of it has occupied your mind for a moment.

This is the family court. Where its clients find themselves in the impasse of their married life for any reason and think that by issuing a divorce decree, they have found a way out of this impasse. It is enough to be a little curious to find out the reasons for the presence of clients and to walk the steps of the court and after completing the inspection procedures, enter the complex, that’s when you see a lot of people who, according to themselves, have reached the last station of the train of common life.

The noise of all the people makes you confused; You see men and women, most of them doing the usual paperwork without paying attention to the surroundings or waiting behind the doors of the rooms for their cases to be dealt with.

My wife is addicted to her work
Two ladies are sitting by the door of one of the rooms; One of them tells the other about his problems in a quiet voice, and he just nods his head in response from time to time. According to him, he is now 31 years old. He got married 10 years ago, and since then, only five years have been living together under the same roof.

He cites lack of compatibility as the main reason for his divorce request and says: My wife is addicted to her work and the house is only a dormitory for her. He considers the woman as his slave, he insults my family, I have suffered a lot mentally during our life together, however, I tried to continue my life, I know the consequences of separation, but now I have no other choice.

Divorce due to glass addiction
An old man with a sunburned face is sitting in front of the door of another room; From time to time, he sneaks into the room and waits outside the door. I talk to him and he says: I am from Chenaran and I have come to the court to divorce my daughter. My daughter is 22 years old and she got married three years ago, but her husband is addicted to glass and does not care about work and life. He tried to quit his addiction several times, but he went back to drugs. About eight months ago, we filed for divorce, but there is no news from my son-in-law and he does not come to the court.

Wherever you look in the corridors of the courthouse, you can hear different stories of people’s lives from their conversations, people who came to plead and consider themselves entitled to it.

The second divorce at the age of 40
A little further away is a woman sitting who is writing something; He is 40 years old and has gone to court to divorce his second wife. He says: My first wife was irresponsible, friendly and fun-loving, and these issues made me divorce after 14 years. 10 years later I got married again. My cohabitation with my second wife lasted only four months and then she left and now I haven’t heard from her for about two years and today the judge issued a decree of divorce in absentia.

And again addiction
A mother who allegedly accompanies her daughter to divorce proceedings says: My daughter is 20 years old and got married about a year ago. Three months after the marriage, we found out that his wife has an addiction, and now it’s been about eight months since we filed for a consensual divorce.

Among the crowds of this complex, there are so many verbal conflicts that it seems normal, but in the meantime, the voices of a young man and woman are louder than the others; Both appear to be around 25 years old. Their verbal argument leads to physical conflict. After they calm down a bit, I approach them but none of them are willing to talk and there is no point in insisting any more.

My wife does not have children
In the right corner of the hall sits a man who he says is 33 years old. His face looks calm. He says: We got married 11 years ago and have lived together for 9 years. My wife does not have children and now she has filed for divorce.

Stating that my wife left about two years ago, he said: I had a temporary marriage about a year ago, and although my marriage was without a court order, my wife is in the process. Today, the decree of divorce is going to be issued, and I also decide to convert my temporary marriage into a permanent one.

Economic problems are the main reason for separation
The presence of lawyers is also prominent in this court. Hossein Moradian, a lawyer at the base of a judiciary, believes that the main cause of divorce in society is the excessive expectations of couples and says: Most of the people who apply for divorce cite a lack of moral understanding as the reason for their request for separation, but in reality, it is the excessive expectations of couples. from each other is the main factor that this has reasons such as consumerism and luxury and is rooted in the economic problems of couples.

He believes that most of the reasons that couples put forward for their divorce, such as addiction, lack of understanding, etc., are not real reasons and these issues are only used as covers.

Unfulfillment of sexual needs is the cause of 40% of divorces
This basic lawyer continues: According to the cases we have, couples’ lack of attention to sexual needs is the cause of 30 to 40 percent of divorces, which, in my opinion, is rooted in financial problems; Because economic problems put pressure on men and women and make them unable to meet each other’s sexual needs. In these cases, men or women call indifference as the reason for divorce, but upon further investigation, we realize that this indifference means not meeting sexual needs. Coldness in sexual relations may not necessarily lead to infidelity, but in some cases it leads to divorce.

Moradian cited family interference, addiction, couples’ non-adherence to life responsibilities as other reasons for divorce.

Moradian points to the existing legal loopholes in divorce and says: Our laws are always either very strict or very simple; The ease of consensual divorce laws has increased the statistics in this field, and couples can get a divorce within one or two hours. On the other hand, in one-party divorces, the laws are very strict and issuing a divorce decree may take two to three years.

He states: With the approval of the Family Protection Law in 1992, some of these legal loopholes were resolved, but this law is not being implemented properly and it is necessary to take serious measures to reduce the number of divorces.

Although the time shows that the end of the office hours is approaching, the thousand corridors in this complex are still crowded and everywhere you turn, there is a new and painful story…

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