Music therapy and treatment of these diseases

benefit music therapy What is? If you like music, you know it can make a big difference in how you feel. But if you know what difference music can make for people suffering from depression or anxiety caused by illness, you will definitely be surprised. As for this group, Music It can increase their health.

Although music therapy It is often used to improve emotional and mental health, but it may also help improve the quality of life in people who are also dealing with physical health problems. For more information about this, stay with us:

1- What happens in music therapy?

A meeting music therapy, may be combined with a number of different elements; For example, making music, writing songs or listening to music. The goal of a music therapist may be to encourage a patient to express his feelings regularly, help reduce the patient’s stress or anxiety, help raise the patient’s mood, or improve the patient’s quality of life in dealing with the disease. Studies show that patients do not need to be able or able to benefit from music therapy.

2-Benefits of music therapy

Below is a look at some key findings from clinical studies on how the benefits work music therapy We focus on the health of patients and its evaluation:

Music therapy and treatment of these diseases

Reducing depression with music therapy

According to a study published in 2008, music therapy may be beneficial for some patients struggling with depression. The researchers reviewed five older studies and their findings were as follows:

In 4 of these studies, participants who received music therapy decreased Symptoms of depression In them, it was much more than the group that did not receive music therapy. According to the research of the researchers, it seems that the patients received the most benefit when the therapists used methods based on the theory of music therapy for the patients. For example, painting while listening to music or singing impromptu songs.

Reducing stress with music therapy

According to a 2008 study on 236 pregnant women who were treated for stress reduction, it was shown that music therapy may help ease stress during pregnancy. Compared to the control group, 116 studies of the same number of participants who received music therapy had significantly reduced stress, anxiety, and depression. Music therapy consists of listening to relaxing music twice a day for half an hour each time for two weeks.

In a report published in 2009, researchers found that listening to music may help patients with several types of stress and anxiety related to coronary heart disease. The report included two studies on the treatment of patients by means of music therapy. The results showed that listening to music has beneficial effects on blood pressure. heart beat and respiratory rhythm and pain in people with coronary heart disease.

Music therapy and treatment of these diseases

Treating autism with music therapy

According to a review of the literature published in 2006, music therapy may improve communication skills in children with spectrum disorders. autism help. However, these reviewers also pointed out that these studies are of limited clinical utility and that more research is needed to investigate the effects of music therapy.

Cancer treatment with music therapy

Studies show that music therapy may be beneficial for some cancer patients. For example, music therapy reduces the anxiety of patients who are Radiotherapy Are. Also, this method reduces nausea and Vomit Due to the high dose of chemotherapy, it helps cancer patients.

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