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My Raw Vegan Grocery List

Raw veganism – how do you get started? Why, with a grocery list of course! This raw vegan grocery list is an example of how I shop, week-to-week. Take from it what you will!

Not only rabbits eat copious amounts of vegetables – it is essential that humans eat these food items too! Being a raw vegan, I need to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, with more emphasis on fruits to satisfy my caloric needs.

Here is a sample of what I purchase in a given week, give or take a few of the items depending on availability. I spend most of my money on food because I love fruit and vegetables so much. Most people don’t get excited about that kind of thing, but I do!

My Grocery List This Week:

– 7-10 Melons (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew – farmers market)
– Case of Organic Bananas! (Have to wait until they are ripe to eat though!)
– 5 lbs of Organic Grapes (green & red)
– 8 Organic Nectarines
– 8 Organic Peaches
– Bag of Lemons
– 3 five pound bags of Oranges
– 1 bag organic kiwis
– Organic dates (currently buy them separately at a health food store but will be buying online from as soon as they are available – the juicy jumbo medjool’s are to die for!)
– Tomatoes (from my garden – these were not purchased)
– 10 Zucchini (Farmers market)
– Organic Kale (4 huge bunches)
– 2 packages organic romaine (3 heads per bag)
– 2 organic Iceberg lettuces (very easy on digestive system, I love the watery crunch, I realize the nutrient value of this lettuce is low, however I mix it with varieties of other greens)
– 5 lb bag of organic carrots
– 3 bunches organic cilantro
– 4 stalks organic celery
– Huge package organic spinach
– Alfalfa Sprouts (little container)
– Ginger (for my green juices)
– 3 bunches organic parsley
– 1 bunch organic dill
– 4 long english cucumbers
– 10 dill pickles (I love to just eat these things raw, they have a lot of crunch and flavour!)

$80-90 per week, depends on price/availability

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