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Natural Remedies For Radiation Exposure

With the number of nuclear power plants and radiation leakage nowadays, we must turn to natural remedies for radiation exposure. These remedies will help protect our bodies from the nasty side effects of radiation exposure, ranging from headaches, fatigue, nausea, and cancer (to name a few).

You might recognize the name Fukushima – just a couple years ago, a massive tsunami hit the nuclear power plants on Fukushima’s coast, which led to major radioactive leaks into the atmosphere and ocean. The government and regulation authorities told the public “not to worry,” and that the levels of radiation were not harmful – well, they were wrong.

Just a few weeks ago, Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority raised the rating of radioactive water leak from the Fukushima nuclear power plant to Level 3, making this incident much more serious than previously imagined (on an international scale of radioactivity). They upgraded the level from Level 1 (which was initially assigned to a leak of 300 tons of radiation-contaminated water from a tank at the Fukushima plant).

This level of radiation, now labeled as “serious threat” (level 0 being no threat to level 7 being the highest threat) should be taken into consideration, especially when it comes to diet. There are many harmful effects of radiation, and many of them go unnoticed in the body. Even over time, a low level of radiation exposure can lead to major digestive imbalances, blood alterations, and destruction of tissue and organ systems at a cellular level.

Symptoms may include things such as fatigue, headaches, nausea, scalp issues, and dry/itchy skin – in more extreme cases (aka. if you lived in Fukushima, or within a couple of mile radius of the disaster), symptoms may include mood changes, memory problems, brain damage, attention disorders and slowed information processing and psychomotor abilities.

In particular, our circulatory and reproductive systems are incredibly sensitive to any level of radiation – the effect is reduced blood lymphocytes which can lead to a higher incidence of body infections (also known as “mild radiation sickness”) – symptoms are often flu-like and can increase your likelihood of developing cancers of the blood (leukemia and lymphoma) in the future. Long-term radiation exposure can affect our reproductive system, leading to birth defects and still-births (as well as infertility).

10 Natural Remedies for Radiation Exposure

Here is a list of 10 foods which can be used to help protect your body against the harmful effects of radiation:


Cilantro helps remove heavy metals from the bloodstream. It draws lead, uranium, and mercury from your organs and blood which helps assist the kidneys in flushing out your system.

Red Beets

Studies have shown that beets can help aid the body in rebuilding damaged hemoglobin. With radiation exposure, hemoglobin gets broken down, so it is important to protect our blood systems at all costs. Eating beets have actually been found to help absorb and detox radioactive isotopes in studies with animals.


Dandelion is an amazing plant! Most of us don’t think twice when we rip them out of our lawns because they are considered “weeds” and not “aesthetically pleasing” but these plants are detox miracles. It helps keep free radicals at bay and ensures a healthy functioning liver (which ensures that toxins are properly eliminated from the body).

Apples & Sunflower Seeds

Apples and sunflower seeds contain high levels of pectin which helps to bind and remove radioactive residues from the body. Particularly, these two foods protect against cesium-137 which collects in the endocrine glands, pancreas, thymus, and heart. Caesium-137 emits gamma rays, as well as beta rays which are incredibly toxic to the cells in our body. Consuming plenty of apples, and a healthy amount of sunflower seeds is a perfect snack addition to your day and can help protect your body from radiation.

Burdock Root

This root helps remove radioactive isotopes from the body! Consuming 1-4 ounces (120-300 grams) of fresh burdock root, whether lightly cooked in a tea infusion or juiced using a juicer (this is the best method because raw is always best – enzymes are not destroyed) can help reverse and prevent the DNA damage done by radiation.

Leafy Greens

All greens contain the molecule chlorophyll which is incredibly alkaline and helps provide protection from radiation damage. Since the early 1950s, studies have proven the miraculous effects of chlorophyll and radiation. These effects are even greater when darker green vegetables like mustard greens, and alfalfa leaves, as well as kale and collards, are used. Consuming two or more green vegetables together gives the greatest radiation resistance.


Glucosides in buckwheat can help protect from radiation exposure if consumed before radiation exposure has occurred. Cereal grasses help to cleanse our bodies of radiation in a similar way that other green foods do like leafy greens (rich in chlorophyll) and blue-green algae.


A great way to protect and treat yourself from radiation is ginseng! Ginseng’s ability to help heal radiation damage is still being studied, but preliminary studies have pointed to the conclusion that it is a wonderful healing agent for any type of radiation exposure. Consuming between 100 to 200mg of ginseng twice per day was found to help speed up recovery of individuals exposed to radiation (healing of bone marrow, skin, internal organs, and blood cells).


Compounds in rosemary fight against the mutagenic effects of radiation. Studies have shown that the carnosic acid and carnosol found in rosemary allows it to provide this anti-mutagenic effect. As well, rosemary was found in another study to be 3.34 times better at protecting against radiation effects than a variety of other compounds studied.








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