Natural shampoo to treat hair loss

Hair loss is one of the problems of many people that can lead to baldness in acute conditions. Many people try different methods to prevent and treat hair loss and use different drugs. In this article, we want you Introduce yourself to an herbal medicine that is very effective in preventing hair loss. The name of this plant is marshmallow.

Marigold is one of the plants that is very effective in preventing hair loss. The best thing that a person can wash their body with is this marshmallow, which has many benefits.

There are two ways to use marshmallows to strengthen and prevent hair loss

There are two ways to use marshmallows. One method is for those who do not have long hair to grind marshmallows themselves and wash their heads dry with it.

The second method, which is the best method, grind marshmallow and put it in lukewarm water for half to one hour, and then smooth it with a thin, clean cloth, which turns into shampoo. This shampoo is the best natural shampoo.

Replacing marshmallows with harmful chemical shampoos

Today, these chemical shampoos that are on the market have nothing but harm, because when we wash our heads with it, a fat or something else from the shampoo must remain in the head, and these chemicals remain dangerous for the scalp and the hair itself. Today, most hair diseases, such as thinning hair and dandruff (sick hair), are all due to the use of chemical shampoos and soaps. In the old days, when women had long, strong and attractive hair, it was natural to use shampoo. This marshmallow is the best natural shampoo for skin and hair. It foams and has many benefits and cures many diseases.

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