Natural ways to curl eyelashes

Eyelashes have a great impact on a person’s beauty. Having long, curly eyelashes can make you look more attractive than ever. There are several ways to curl your lashes that can damage your lashes in the long run; But using natural methods will reduce this risk to zero for you. In the following, we will examine the natural methods for curling eyelashes. Be with Dr. Salam.

You do not need an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes, but with the help of a few simple and accessible solutions, you can curl your eyelashes.

Having curly eyelashes makes the eyes more beautiful. Most women use eyelashes to curl their eyelashes, but you should know that you do not need eyelashes to curl your eyelashes, but with available and natural methods, you can easily curl your eyelashes.

Here are some simple tips to help you curl your lashes.

Curling eyelashes with a spoon

Prepare a bowl of hot water and put a metal teaspoon in it for 2 minutes, then take the spoon out of the water and dry it and place it vertically above your eyes so that the convex part is out and the edge Place the bottom of the spoon on your lash line and then Eyelashes Press them with your fingers towards the spoon and hold for 10 seconds, this will cause your eyelashes to curl.

A warm toothbrush will curl your eyelashes

Hold the toothbrush under hot water to warm the brushes, then Toothbrush Dry completely and comb your eyelashes with this hot toothbrush and hold the toothbrush at the tip of your eyelashes for 2 seconds.

Use vegetable oils to curl lashes

Daily use of mascara causes weakening and thinning of the eyelashes, to strengthen the eyelashes and ابرو Your own every night before bed coconut oilApply castor and olive oil on your eyelashes. You can also apply them to your eyelashes with the pressure of your fingers.

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