Necessary preparations for all types of cosmetic surgeries

Am I safe for plastic surgery?

Provide your medical records carefully and completely to your doctor. If you hide your health problems, your cosmetic surgeon will not be able to properly assess your condition. If the situation does not go well, irreparable things can happen to you. In this case, your plastic surgeon is not responsible for the problem due to your dishonesty.

What is the name of the action and how is it?

Knowing the name of an action is different from knowing what is being done. Knowing the procedure does not mean that you have to know exactly all the details, such as the type of knife your surgeon uses. In fact, you need to know what the whole action is like and whether it will give you the desired result or not. See if this is appropriate for the member you want to change.

What are the risks of this surgery?

Often everything goes well during plastic surgery. However, you should be aware of the potential dangers of the action you are taking. Infection is one of the problems that can occur. Wounds may not heal well and become red or deformed. You may not be happy with the end result, this often happens when you have not been told about its limitations before surgery and you expect a different result.

What result do you want from the surgery?

Of course, you expect improvement in the appearance of the area you have acted on. It may even boost your self-esteem. If you expect more than that, you should also consider the limitations of your practice.

What are your desired results?

Your plastic surgeon can only control what happens in the operating room. No matter how good your surgeon does, his or her performance cannot be a guarantee of career advancement, better social relationships, or higher social status. Plastic surgery can not cure depression or eating disorders.

You should not expect a good result if you do not follow what your surgeon says after the operation. Failure to take proper care after surgery can lead to bad results.

Is there an alternative to your surgery?

You should definitely research this because plastic surgery is not safe. Can you improve your diet? Can you get a little more active and exercise? If you really have no other choice, surgery can be a good option for you. Never having surgery is a good alternative.

Can you hide the wounds?

Yes, after surgery, you should also look at the wound. See which part of your body is injured and can you prevent them from being seen? Do not trust some doctors who say they will have wound-free surgery.

How much will your operation cost?

Plastic surgery is not cheap. Does paying for surgery hurt important things in your life? You may not even be satisfied with the outcome of the operation and still have to pay a high price.

Do you need more than one operation?

You may need reconstructive surgery. In plastic surgery, the need for reconstructive surgery again is not uncommon. This surgery is to improve the previous surgery. This surgery may require only local anesthesia or be a larger operation.

Do you have time to rest?

Depending on the type of operation, you may need to rest for days or even weeks to recover. It is not just a matter of pain and bruising that you will experience. After surgery, your doctor may set many limits for you.

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