Negative effects of eating too much in spring

Overeating in the spring can cause many different illnesses and diseases.

Dr. Mohammad Panahi He said: The increase in food consumption in winter is because our body needs more energy in the cold winter weather to provide body heat and fight the cold, so it consumes more food in this season.

He added: the increase in food consumption leads to an increase in the amount of waste and unnecessary substances, and in this way, the small cavities of the body and its tissues are accumulated from these waste substances, and because people sweat less in the winter season than in other seasons, these waste substances , they do not find the possibility of exiting through the skin, but gradually with the warming of nature and the beginning of spring, these wastes frozen in the body cavities become fluid and enter the blood stream.

Panahi clarified: Now if this cleansing is done purposefully and with the help of natural methods of traditional medicine, by cleaning waste materials and toxins from the body, one can spend spring and summer with little trouble and without illness.

The health director of Ibn Sina Traditional Medicine School noted: There are people who are not used to any of the methods of cleaning the body’s impurities and toxins, such as vomiting, cupping, fasd (blood drawing) or taking laxatives, and it is very difficult for them to do this type of cleaning.

He reminded: There is a simple solution for this group as well, and this group should be careful to reduce the amount of food they eat in spring compared to other seasons so that less waste and toxins accumulate in their bodies.

In the end, Panahi added: The reason for the reduction in food consumption in breakfast, lunch and dinner is that with the beginning of spring and the warming of the weather, the accumulated waste materials in the body are released from the freezing state and flow in the body, and in this state, the body We are excreting waste materials, overeating and not following the diet, weakens the strength and immunity of the body, and in this way, people are prone to diseases.


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