Negative effects of false appetite on the body

Eating uncontrollably and without following a special diet can cause irreparable harm to the body. We want to know more about the consequences of overeating and the irreparable side effects of false appetite. What is the definition of overeating according to nutritionists? What do they think about overeating? Do you mention things?

One of the important complications that is the problem of different societies, including ours, is a common complication called overeating.

Interestingly, this complication is much more common in advanced industrial societies, which means that with the advancement of science, the development of industry and the expansion of mass communication, the problem of overeating has become more common.

While it is expected that with the increase of collective awareness in the field of various sciences, including nutrition science, a significant improvement will be achieved in the food pattern and way of feeding an individual, but practically the opposite is true in advanced societies.

Now let’s see what overeating means. Isn’t it a sign that those who have a great desire to eat and eat more than others are in need of more food?

Doesn’t their body need more nutrients (compared to others)? Isn’t this because of a phenomenon called the need of the body that leads them to overeat and overeat?

First, it is better to define overeating and then answer this important question.

Overeating means receiving more food than the body needs, filling the stomach with food and eating without pleasure or with false pleasure.

In response to the question that was raised in this topic, it should be noted that except in the 3 cases that will be explained, in other cases, the excessive desire to consume certain foods is not a sign of the body’s need for that food, but simply the result of It is derived from food habits acquired from family and environment.

For example, the great desire of our compatriots to consume sweets is due to, for example, giving the child a swaddle during childhood and infancy, which establishes the habit of consuming sweet substances in him, or the high use of sweets, syrups and other sweet substances in the family. makes him used to consuming sweet substances from childhood.

It was said that in 3 cases, the desire to consume certain foods is due to the body’s need for those substances.

Item 1: When the amount of interstitial water in the body decreases and the cells’ need for water increases, in other words, when the osmotic pressure of the internal fluids increases, a person feels thirsty and by consuming water, he satisfies the need of his body’s cells for water.

Item 2: In diabetic people, because insulin is not secreted enough, the metabolism of carbohydrates (sugary-starchy substances) is not done well and the sugar is not used enough by the cells.

Therefore, a diabetic person tends to consume sugary foods. But to solve this problem, the solution is for diabetics to replace starchy substances with sugary substances (of course, in a balanced amount) because starchy substances gradually introduce their sugar into the blood, as a result, blood sugar remains constant and there is a strong need to consume sweets. And sweet substances are reduced.

In addition, the consumption of fiber-containing substances with food, such as eating vegetables or salad as well as wholemeal breads, causes the gradual entry of sugar into the blood.

Item 3: When a person is exposed to long-term hunger, for example, in people who follow very low-calorie and strict diets and do not get nutrients, especially energy, for a long time, or people who fast without breakfast and do not consume food for a long time.

Since the human body cannot store sugar in the blood for a long time, and the nerve cells get the energy they need only from carbohydrates.

Therefore, prolonged hunger causes a strong desire to consume sweet substances.

According to the above points, the influence of the food habits that are formed in the child from childhood and are derived from the family’s food pattern on the person’s preferences towards certain food items becomes more and more clear…

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