Negative effects of pool water on male fertility

Some environmental factors play a big role in male infertility and cause them to become infertile. Pool water and swimming in it are among the most important causes of male infertility.

Morteza Hamidi, a urologist, said: “Using a sauna, Jacuzzi and hot tub reduces male fertility.” Because high heat and temperature affect the number and hormones of men.

Pool water is full of pollution and germs that cause skin diseases including fungus and inflammation and can have irreversible side effects.

He added: “Also, environmental causes, such as exposure to chemicals, heavy elements and metals, chemical gases, chemotherapy, drug therapy, abdominal surgery, drug use, the use of energy drugs, genetic factors and even neurological factors.” These are the factors that increase the incidence of infertility.

Hamidi said: “Elderly people who go to the pool due to orthopedic problems should know that they should not be too much in the high temperature Jacuzzi pool because high-grade water also causes shortness of breath and cardiovascular problems.”

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