Negative effects of weed pollen

It is better for people who suffer from asthma to stay away from places where there are weeds in this season of the year because the pollen from them can endanger the health of these people and aggravate their disease.

Allergy and clinical immunology specialist said: The increase in weed pollen in the summer causes the exacerbation of asthma and allergy symptoms.

Dr. Maryam Mahlujirad, a specialist in allergy and clinical immunology, said: In the summer season, due to the increase in weed pollen, the symptoms of asthma and allergies in the sufferers worsen, and this issue has nothing to do with the heat of the air.

He added: It is recommended for this category of patients to get vaccinated against allergens before the summer season begins.

Mahlujirad pointed out: This group of patients experience exacerbation of symptoms in the summer season by consuming some fruits and vegetables such as melons and grapes.

He reminded: Observing tips such as using filter masks has no effect in preventing the exacerbation of asthma and allergy symptoms in summer, and patients have no other way to deal with it except vaccination.


August 5, 1395 15:05

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