New brides and contraception

Newlyweds may not decide to get pregnant early for any reason and have not yet made a decision to have children. They need education to prevent pregnancy.

99.9% of couples who choose to use the combined pill to prevent pregnancy and use it regularly and correctly have been protected from unwanted pregnancy for a year…

The best and safest way to prevent pregnancy at the beginning of marriage is to use oral contraceptive pills. These pills themselves are divided into three categories:

Menophasic (single phase): The levels of estrogen and progesterone are the same in all pills. LD and HD tablets are in this group.


Diphasic (two-phase): The levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone change in two stages.

How to prevent pregnancy at the beginning of marriage

Three-phase (three-phase): The levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone gradually increase in three stages.


There are two types of combination pills; 21 numbers and 28 numbers.

The pill is completely effective, safe and reversible. In addition to its contraceptive properties, the pill has several major health effects:


Reduce the risk of uterine cancer and ovarian cancer, protect against diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease and benign breast diseases, protect against anemia due to low menstrual blood volume, reduce the incidence of ectopic pregnancies, more regular menstruation Monthly and reduce pain during this period, help treat acne, reduce the incidence of ovarian cysts, increase bone density, prevent atherosclerosis (atherosclerosis) and improve rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, one of the significant benefits of birth control pills is that they do not take the pill without sexual intercourse and are therefore one of the few methods that people do not feel uncomfortable using.


In some cases, it helps the hormonal balance in women’s body and improves their physical and mental condition. But the important point is that: in some cases, the effect of oral contraceptive pills is reduced and another complementary method of contraception should be used.


These include some medications, such as anticonvulsants, anti-tuberculosis drugs, antifungals, hypnotics, antibiotics, and sedatives. Severe diarrhea and vomiting also reduce the effectiveness of the pill, and another method of birth control should be used. Combination pills also reduce the volume of breast milk, so breastfeeding women should not use these pills in the first 6 months after delivery.

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