New contraceptive product for men

Studies show that the method of contraception using male hormones can be a new and effective option. Scientists over the years sought to find a suitable option for men, but they sought to control male hormones, which are similar to the methods used in Women are effective.

The first injectable contraceptive for men is likely to hit the market in 2017.

This contraceptive drug for men is called “vasal gel” and is expected to enter the market by 2017 by the “Parsemos” Medical Research Association.

The association stated: The effects of this drug are exactly the same as “vasectomy”, except that due to the lack of surgery, it has fewer problems and complications for the user.

According to the medical journal Dr. Salam, quoting the online magazine Apostart, ‌ The goal of the Parsmos Association is to produce and supply a cheaper, more expensive drug, but with high impact and durability, and of course with the possibility of reversibility.

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