New makeup models and methods in 2013

This time, we would like to share with you the materials we have prepared about the new makeup models and methods in 2013. You may also be looking for the latest models and makeup methods, which we want to tell you about these methods, which are special for the spring season of 2013 and 2013 in Iran. In the spring of 2013, new makeups are exaggerated, makeup artists played with colors (screaming lipsticks), moving makeup, for example, eyeliner above the original place, and different materials (using small pieces of cloth instead of eyeliner).

We introduce you to 10 examples of these makeups:

Michael Kors fantasy eyeliner

One of the famous makeup artists made a new design for the eyeliner, he used green and turquoise color in the middle of the eyelid. In order for the eyeliner to show itself even more clearly, the eyeliner is shown on a light skin, plus a thick and black mascara and eyebrow helps to make this eyeliner visible. The eyes look good in this makeup.

Michael Kors fantasy eyeliner
Flaming eyes of Gucci models

If you have seen the photos of the supermodels of the 70s, they had glamorous makeup like the Gucci models in this season. We see glowing eyes in these mannequins. Gucci makeup artists have used dark brown mascara with a shade of the same color, which gives the eyes an almond shape. To create more depth, they have used crown creams in the space between the hollow above the eyelid and the brow bone, then two rows. Artificial eyelashes are used to make the eyes look bigger.

Photo of flaming eyes of Gucci models
Red lips of Rochas models

This makeup reminds the viewer of a doll. The designer of this model has used light skin along with red lips for more makeup effect. After making up the skin, she used a silver shade on the cheeks and above the eyebrows, then she used a softener for the lips, and finally she made up the lips with a brush.

Photo of red lips of Rochas models
Stella McCartney model’s eyeliner

This make-up model almost leaves the rest of the face and focuses only on the eyes, the designer of this make-up has used a blue-green eyeliner. To highlight the cheeks, she used a pink blush and drew the lower eye line in green-blue color, and finally, she used a black eyeliner for the upper eyelid, in addition to a little black volumizing mascara for the eyelashes.

Photo of Stella McCartney's eyeliner
Feminine effects in the Valentino model

This makeup is very simple and beautiful. The makeup artist has combined pink shades (happy pink-flowery pink-pussy pink) and worked for the cheeks. Then she used a shade to underline the cheekbones and to finish the job, she also used a little lightening powder. . For the eyes, he used brownish gray shadows on the eyelid and extended it to the corners of the eyes in the direction of the two lower eye lines.

Photo of female effects in Valentino model
Chloe trailing shadow

The cat model of the copper eye shadow in this model reminds us of the makeup of the 60s. But it can be said that it is more modern than the 60s models. In this makeup, a smoky red shade is first used on the eyelid, which is stretched from both sides in a trail to the eyebrow bone. Next, a copper-colored gloss is added along with a black eyeliner for the upper eyelid to show the eyes better.

Photo of model Chloe's trailing shadow
Night eyeliner in Fendi model

fendi brand has created a new style by placing small pieces of neoprene as the lower eye line. Each mannequin has three pieces of this special fabric under his eyes as eyeliner. For example, in black, green and orange colors. The designer of this model says that using fabric was the best way to set the components of this collection.

Photo of night eyeliner in Fendi model
LOUIS VUITTON glass eyes

Even lemon and cream checkered clothes can’t overshadow the eyes of 60s artists. The peach shades from the back of the eyelashes to the top of the eyelid make the look almost soft. The eyes are surrounded by a black eyeliner and a volumizing mascara makes the upper and lower lashes stand out more.

Photo of LOUIS VUITTON model's glass eyes
Highlighted eyes and bleached eyebrows in the Givenchy model

The black and white display in this model says it all. All the art of this makeup is shadow work. The key point of this make-up are sharp eyes and faded eyebrows. The designer of this makeup has used a bone-colored shade for the eyelid, then covered it with a thick chocolate shade. He whitened the eyebrows to highlight the eyes that he drew with shadow.

Photo of prominent eyes and bleached eyebrows in Givenchy model
Makeup by Marc Jacobs

We see black and white makeup in this model. The designer of this make-up has used a matte foundation and used the eyebrows with common shades in Bali, Indonesia and Bengal to create a prominent and sharp shape of the make-up. Black eyeliner was used for the upper eyelid and black shadow was used for the lower eyelid. Black shadow was also used for the upper eyelid and finally artificial eyelashes were used to make the eyelashes appear more masculine. Lip makeup is just lip liner.

Marc Jacobs makeup photo

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