New treatment for prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among men. Treatment methods Surgery is one of the main treatments for prostate cancer that can have serious complications for the patient. One of the complications of this surgery can be difficult. Bladder and urine control noted.

Therefore, in the early stages of prostate cancer, the current treatment is “conscious monitoring” of the patient so that if the tumor begins to progress to healthy tissues, the patient will undergo surgery.

But the new method, recently tested on 413 people and published in The Lancet, has fewer and shorter side effects and is so effective that it treats cancer in almost half (49%) of those who have been treated. Two years later it was completely suppressed.

Professor Mark Amberton of University College London, who led the study, believes the new method “changes everything”.

In the new method, the drug is made from bacteria that live on the sea floor and in almost complete darkness. This bacterium becomes toxic when exposed to light.

The drug is injected into a vein and enters the bloodstream. Surgeons also insert fiber optics into the patient’s body and activate the drug by turning them on.

The new method was used in 47 hospitals in different European cities, and only six percent of these patients eventually needed prostate surgery, but 30 percent of those who were not treated with the new method had to undergo surgery.

But the most important thing was to reduce the severity and duration of complications. These side effects bothered patients for about three months, and almost all of them did not have them for another two years.

This treatment is not currently available to the public, but its use is scheduled to be reviewed next year.

Prostate cancer is a tumor that usually grows very slowly but still kills men.

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