New ways to prevent pregnancy

There are many methods to prevent pregnancy, methods such as surgery, using pills, etc. Most of these methods have side effects, for example, birth control pills cause weight gain and decrease libido in some cases. In this article, we describe new strategies to prevent pregnancy.

Using birth control pills is one of the most common methods of birth control used by women. But maybe in the near future, these pills will be replaced by a special gel that is absorbed through the skin.


The new topical gel works just like the medicine labels. With the difference that the drug label is visible and in addition, it may be separated from the skin before the drug or substance is completely absorbed. According to the report, this topical gel, if applied to the shoulders, arms, or legs, is just as effective as regular birth control pills. In addition, the usual side effects of these pills, such as weakness, excess weight, or loss of libido, will not follow.


This topical lotion, just like pills, introduces progesterone and estrogen hormones into the body, and in this way, prevents the release of eggs by the ovaries every month. In the initial test of this gel, 18 women used it for 7 months and none of them got pregnant. Also, the scientific reports of this study show that the sexual orientation or activity of these women did not decrease and they did not report any special side effects.


In addition, unlike current conventional birth control pills, the new topical gel does not cause any problems for women who are breastfeeding. This is despite the fact that common pills often have a negative effect on the amount of milk and breastfeeding ability of the mother. This is very good news for new mothers who are not ready for a second child!

9 February 1392 11:09

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